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~An Eye Cry For You Page~

~By Pixie~

~In Memory of Christopher Ronald Faller~
May 7, 1990~March 24, 1998~

Dear Maria, Ron, Rachel and Mark.
This page is created to honor the memory of Christopher
on the third anniversary of his getting his angel wings.
God bless you all and be with you forever.
You are always in my heart and prayers as is sweet Christopher.
I love you all.
Love: Marlene

Dear Mom, Dad, Rachel and Mark:

It's been three long years now since I got my angel wings.
I know this day is hard for you and all the pain it brings.
But I'm here safe in Heaven and linger in your heart.
Death was not my end, but my brand new start.
I've sung with the angels, I've held hands with our Lord.
My spirit and soul through the heavens have soared.
I've graced you with sunshine, whispered to you in the breeze.
Waved at all of you sweetly from high up in the trees.
I'm there when you need me, please have no fear.
The love I feel for you all will never disappear.
My last days on earth I would go alone and pray.
That Jesus would comfort you all when I went away.
I know if all of you had been given the chance.
You'd have seen as I left earth I gave you all one final glance.
Death was really something I didn't understand.
Until I went to Heaven with an angel hand in hand.
I love you Mom, Dad, Rachel, Mark, family and friends.
That I am here waiting for you is what this message sends.
On this day please think of me and a candle light.
I am not gone from your hearts, only from your sight.
Thank you for the life I had and all the love you've shown.
You are the bestest family that I could've ever known.
Take care and God bless you my precious family.
Until we meet again, together for eternity.

~Love~ Christopher~

We Were Blessed To Be

While Christopher Was Here


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Marlene Fay Porter