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~An Eye Cry For You Page~

~By Pixie~


I wrote this poem for Christopher's Dad.
Too often when a child dies, no one seems to concern themselves with how Dad feels.
Men are supposed to be pillars of strength and not be seen crying.
I know that Christopher's Dad cries inside for the loss of his precious son.
This is for you Ron.
Love: ~Marlene~
~August 3, 2000~


Hello Dad, it's Christopher, how are you today?
I wanted to write you a letter, I have some things to say.
I miss you Dad and please don't think it wrong,
If you cry for me when you hear my favorite song.
You have always been my hero, I'm glad you were my Dad
To leave you to go to Heaven, I know has made you sad.
But don't dwell on the sadness, because all the while,
I'm looking down on you and I want to see you smile!

We did so much together, you were my Dad and my best friend,
I know that it's been hard on you since my life came to an end.
But think of all the good times, the things we did for fun,
You were the greatest father ever given to a son!

The angels here in heaven, keep a real good eye on me,
They tell me that you Dad were the bestest Dad for me.
I was so very glad Dad, when this world I left,
that you were there beside me as I took my final breath.

The last thing that I saw when the angels came for me,
Was your beautiful face Dad, the perfect memory.
I have to go now Dad, I hope this makes you smile,
And brings some peace to you, more than you've had in quite awhile.

Please take care of Mom in whatever you both do,
I'm up here in Heaven and I"m smiling down on you.
God bless you Dad, I know it's been a long, hard road to drive,
But at the end we'll be together, I'll be here when you arrive.

I Love You Dad: Christopher

The Whole World Was

While Christopher Was Here

Pixie's Place 2001

Marlene Fay Porter