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~An Eye Cry For You Page~

~By Pixie~

~To Our Brother Christopher~
~Marlene Porter~
~May 11, 2001~

Our brother Christopher is in Heaven and sometimes we ask God why.
We often think of Christopher and it sure does make us cry.
Why did he have to go away, it's so hard to understand.
He should be here with us running hand in hand.

Christopher would have had so much fun growing up with us.
Scampering out the door with us so as not to miss the bus.
Playing in the yard, swimming in the pool and splashing.
Pretending with the two of us that his toy cars we're all crashing.

Building things with Legos and laughing really loud.
Picking up his little brother and feeling oh so proud!
Waking up each morning and stretching in his own little bed.
Hearing Mom call out to him "time to get up sleepy head!"

We are too young yet to really understand why he went away.
And I know that we will see the reason why someday.
But until then questions will continue to crowd our minds.
And of our brother Christopher we'll look for little signs.

Like the butterfly that spreads its wings by us with colors so bright.
Or the brightest star that twinkles in the ebony sky at night.
We know that Christopher is somehow watching over us from above.
And we send you Christopher our sweet brother, our eternal love.

~Love~Rachel & Mark~

Pixie's Place 2001

Marlene Fay Porter