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I wanna dedicate this page to all the people who have lost a loved one... Its hard to get over the loss but they are always looking down on us... Below are a couple of people that have risked there lifes and some that are resting in peace...
Raul Badillo- This was my daddy.. I miss em so much, and im sure my sisters and my brother does too... i really dont know exactly why he died theres so many Rumors.. one is that he over dosed on drugs and another one is he was very sick and got beaten up, its been already 2 years going on 3 and i still dont know what has happen to him.. i've been doing aight with out him but i think about him alot... I was the only child out of 4 others that never got to spend qualitiy time with my dad,but i wont remember him of that but i will remember him as a father that wanted to take charge in my life... i know he loved me so i will always keep em in my heart...
This is mY cousin he was 14 when he died in a car accident with another one of my cousins... Bobby wasnt wearing his seat bealt and maybe if he was then everything woulda been better...My other cousin had broken several things but was recovered our family is so thankful that we didnt loes both of them.. we struggles threw Bobbys death and i know my aunt had a hard time.. especially with Kelly Missing.. its ROugh..But our family dont give up its still running.. and we have to put up with all troubles that come to us..

Click here to check out My Cousins Memorial site..

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