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`*`MaH HoMeGurLz `Y` HoMeBoYz`*`

Hey whas sup aight check it these are some of muh people aight so check em out theres more pics to come tooo so keep in touch aight!
This is me And Quan
Kicken it At mah CriB iN Tha MorNing....

This is Ana,April,Amanda,And ME
LoOKin ALl GoOd AnD YOu KnoW IT!

From tha left to right:
Alex,Quaquin,Quan,and junior tha May st. boyz!
chillen in front of Junior's lowrider truck!

This is Laura,Lupita,Melissa,and Tashia Pita's baby all gathered up together looken all perdy! hehe

From the left to the right its Me (andrea),DEE, and Tiffany.
MuH homegurlz on mah Bus and mah best homegurl DEE! =O)

This is April and Rollie mah prima and mah primo
but there not related and they used to go out way long ago!

This is mah hOmeguRl Ana she's tyte
always smokin that Bud...
LOlz Gurl you know wus sup....

Here he is muh cuz Jacob tha []D[][]V[][]D

THis is Mah Cousin Sophia shes tyte
and were always there for eachother stay tru Gurl