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WaNt ME TO BlaSt ChU Up O WhaT?
ChaLe Go ThRoUGh tHA PaGE aND ChEcK OUT tHA HatER!

HeY qUe oNdA aiGhT iMMa tell yOu sOmEtHiN yOU eNd Up iN hERe yOu hAttIN oN mUH pAgE rITe wEll aiGht cHeCk iT gET your aZz oUt iF yOu dOnT likE it theN b-cAuSe i aInT bOut tA HaVe nO hAttERz uP iN mUH PaGiNA aIghT aNd eY yOu hAve a pRoBlEm wIT it thAn yoU CaN e-mAiL me aNd tEll mE wass uP aNd wE cAn hAnDlE iT thEre aIgHT!! PEaCe OuT PuTo/PUTa!!!<--- HAHAHaHa

This Bitch Trynna Start shit again (the one in the PIC)

Dont this BITCH look LIke a WANNA-BE SUMBODY? hahahahahaha!!!!!


FAWKING BITCH.. WHO TaH FucK Do You THiNk YOu ArE tALKiNg shIt wITh me LiL Hoe... FUckIN LIL sEvEnTH GraDEr PlaYIn UR LIL FaWkInG GaMEs.. You tHInK YouR ThA ShIt ToO BuT Ur uGlY aSS aiNT eVEn clOSe I SwEaR i woUldA bEAT ChUR aSS dOWN If You woUldNT Of KePT rUNNIN To THA TeaCHErz...You CaNT PuT Up A GOD dAMN fIgHt If You gO RuN ANd TAlK SHiT To Ur siSTERz AboUt mE EiThEr.. YOu trYnNA Get BAcK Up oR wuT? I KnOw LIl BITch You caNT FiGhT.. I haTE aLL You DAMn waNNaBeZ* AND NAtASHA FAWk HeR.. ME aNd ANtONiO aRE fRieNds aND iF shE doNT WAnNA AccEPT ThaT Then fAck HEr! sHE ThINks sHE CaN kIcK maH aSS Just cuZ shE HeLLa oLDER ThaN Me.. FAwK I LIkE To sEE eR TRY.. WaTchEr lOEs HeR BabY... And FucK NeRiDiA T00 TrYnA BE MZ HOE.. IF IWAS To haVE A PaGE caLLEd Hoe Of THa MoNTh I PuT eR aSs In THeRE.. SHE tRyNa FawK aRoUnd WItH JAiME wheN sHE goT LAvAR.. ANd YouR aSS SUckIn JoSErZ dICK... AND TrYnA geT wITh ANtOni0 I BeT NaTaSHa doNT KnoW BoUt ThaT dOES sHe... YuPP wEll I KnOw wUts sup.. ANd NAtaSHa's Ass WITh OPIe ANd TheN TryNA GEt BAck WiTh aNTONio JusT cUZ i WAs BAck WITh hIm.. i kNow THE dEAl On That... JUsT wATch ER baCK Cuz I PlaN To dO maGER DrAmA To JUr AsSeS... FaWKiN lIl BiTchES I'll TeaCH JU A GoD daMN LeSSon oN nOT tO STaRt Or TaLK sHIt wITh me....


** NATASHA dONT haTE Tha PlaYA HATE Tha GAME hOE**(meanIng DOnT haTE me *n* aNToNio HAte Tha GAMe ThaT BrouGhT Tha SHiT ToGeTher....