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All About Ben Affleck

No More J~Lo and this just in from E Online Ben & Jen Not a Bust? by Josh Grossberg Sep 15, 2003, 1:10 PM PT Is the Bennifer split legit? According to this week's issue of People magazine, Hollywood's canoodling couple of the moment, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, are going their separate ways, at least for now. a d v e r t i s e m e n t However, conflicting reports have emerged over the couple's status. On Sunday, word of the twosome's split was confirmed by an insider in Affleck's camp, who said the actor told close friends last week that he was the one to initiate the breakup. But sources close to Jennifer say the People report is wrong, they haven't broken up, they're just going through a rough patch but the two are still talking every day. Whatever the case, the couple have put some distance between themselves, at least mile-wise. Media reports placed the Wedding Planners at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, where they were seen heading for different destinations on the very weekend they were to wed. By now, it's common knowledge that Affleck and Lopez decided to postpone their nuptials due to the media hoopla surrounding the event, but never did anyone imagine it was the end of the affair. Until now. On the down side, an anonymous pal of J.Lo told the celeb magazine that Lopez was "devastated" by Affleck's decision. Needing time to regroup, the actress-singer flew to her home in Miami's trendy South Beach, where she was spotted signing autographs and cooling off in the ocean with some friends. On the upside, gossip columnists say the diva's actions--partying into the wee hours of the morning with girlfriends--more closely resemble bachelorette-weekend behavior than the actions of a spurned woman. Next, Lopez is reportedly scheduled to fly to Canada to wrap up the romantic comedy Shall We Dance? with Richard Gere. Meanwhile, Affleck headed to Las Vegas for a little R&R, where the swinging bachelor was seen lounging poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and hitting the tables--less than a month after his infamous night out at a Canadian strip joint. Picking china patterns is obviously not in store for this dude, wedding or not. The New York Post reported Sunday that Affleck's mother, Chris, was instrumental in convincing the lanky thespian to scrap the pair's heavily hyped union, a last-minute cancelation that allegedly cost them close to $120,000. "She keeps telling him to think about whether or not he would be happy living like this for the rest of his life," the insider told the Post. "[Is] Jennifer really the sort of woman he envisions himself married to and having kids with?" Who knows? If their onscreen chemistry, after costarring together in this summer's box-office bomb Gigli, is any indication, maybe breaking up is a savvy career move. But Bennifer watchers, take note. While parting is sweet sorrow, there's still no word whether it's actually permanent. Reps for both camps told People there's no official confirmation from either that the two have split.

Basic Ben: Full Name: benjamin g. affleck Birthdate - August 15, 1972 (born in Berkeley, California) Height - 6 feet, 4 inches Hometown - Cambridge, Massachusetts (grew up in central square) Education - Cambridge and Latin High School, Cambridge, Massachusetts / University of Vermont (dropped out)/ Occidental College Family - Ben's dad works in a drug and alcohol rehab in los angeles / Mom is a teacher in Cambridge, Massachusetts/ brother Casey is an actor, and starred in Good Will Hunting with Ben. how to contact him - ben affleck, 9830 wilshire blvd., beverly hills, ca 90210 / ben affleck, 10100 santa monica blvd., #2500, los angeles, ca. 90067 And on a personal note, my friend Casey Thomas' screenplays was reviewed by Ben Affleck in conjunction with Project Greenlight,, he recieved a letter from Ben saying his screenplay was superb and he was a gift to West Scranton High School, the letter was signed and written by Ben himself, isn't that amazing.

Ben Bio: Ben Affleck was born on August 15th 1972 in California. Ben always wanted to be an actor, all his life he knew that he would be in the entertainment buisness. Ben's family consists of his mother, father, and his brother Casey Affleck who is also an actor. Ben was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was there that he had his first taste of acting in a Burger King commercial at a very young age. His first steady acting job was at the ripe age of 8, where he landed a role in the PBS televison show 'The Voyages of Mimi.' Ben's brother Casey also acted in the show for a few episodes. It was when Ben was only 8 that he met his life-long friend and fellow actor Matt Damon. Matt and Ben played little league together and took drama classes together. They co-wrote the screen play to 'Good Will Hunting' as partners.
Ben's early acting career consisted of mainly TV movies and small television appearances. In 1987 he starred in the TV mini series 'Hands of a Stranger.' Ben's big fearure film break was when he was drafted by Robert Rodriguez for a role in the comedy 'Dazed and Confused.' This proved to be Ben's intro into the film industry. After his taste of mainstream glory, Ben decided to turn his career to the independent film industry. The independent film industry was great to Ben, he received renowned appreciation for his works at the sundance film festival in 1997. After his brief escapades into the world of independent film, Ben found himself in a starring role of the movie 'Going All the Way.' His next feature film was the comedy 'Mallrats' where he starred next to Shannon Doherty and Joey Lauren Adams. Ben's found himself acting next to Joey Lauren Adams once again in the comedy 'Chasing Amy' , where he plays a charming and witty cartoonist who falls for the main character. After 'Chasing Amy' things got a little shaky for Ben. He lived in an apartment with his brother Casey and friend Matt Damon. He was offered parts in some movies but he was tired of getting all the parts turned down by other actors. Matt and Ben decided that they would write their own script. This way they would decide the characters, decide the plot, and tell their own story. The script, finally done, was given to their agent, Patrick Whitesell, who passed it around Hollywood hoping to get a reaction. The initial response was from Castle Rock. They had offered to make the film, but they weren't willing to give Ben and Matt all the responsibility they had hoped for. It was their friend Kevin Smith that pulled them through in the jam. He took the screenplay to the head offices of Miramax and they said it was a go-film. Five years later 'Good Will Hunting' was filmed and ready to release. Before the release of 'Good Will Hunting' no one had heard of these two actors. They were soon cast in two of the years biggest blockbusters, 'Armageddon', and 'Saving Private Ryan.' After these smash hits, Hollywood couldn't get enough of these two rising stars. Nowadays every director wants Ben in their movies, and every agency wants Ben writing their screenplays. Years of hard work by Ben have paid off for him. Ben and Matt have signed a Multi year contract with Miramax, you can expect at least 2 more screenplays from Ben and Matt in the near future. After all his hard work Ben has earned one Academy award and one Oscar.

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