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::Here's some info on me for those that don't know::

[name] Gee-Mei Cheung

[date of birth] 27 June 1978

[fav colour] PURPLE altho I'm having a bit of a RED phase at the mo!!

[things i like] ooh.. so many..including
Eating (yum yum) i'm a pig!!,
The Internet (addiction, addiction addiction.. i cant get enough of it! hahaha),
Watching Buffy and Angel
Shopping (even better if i've got money)
Clubbing (altho i feel like i'm getting to be too old for it)
Taking sticker pics and i-zones.. its cool! hehe
Nice fresh duvet covers (mmm)
That feeling when its horrible and cold outside and ur all nice and warm and tucked up in bed!
(do you know what i mean?)
the list goes on forever, cos theres LOADS of things i like...

Hiya! Ok I've finally had enough of all you people complaining that I havent updated my page in ages ( you know who you are!!) and have at last done something to it! Have put some new pics in and made some minor changes! Have fun browsing people! =)

I'm back at Portsmouth uni again now doing a MSc conversion course in Information Systems! What am i letting myself in for? another dissertation to do.. i must be mad.. as if the 1st one wasnt bad enough!! Course is going ok.. but the workload is piling up high and fast! Have managed to upload some more pics and have changed the layout of the photos page.

:: 22-08-02 ::
Hmm.. havent been up to much, just working working and working. Been back from holiday for just over a week now but feels like ages. Even though we didnt do much it was really good to just relax and sunbathe everyday and not have to work. bliss... click here for some holiday pics!!

:: 27-07-02 ::
Yeah I'm off to Gran Canaria on 5th Aug for 7 days with Yuen!!! =) It'll be my first sun, sea and sand holiday! Am so looking forward to it, really really need the break. Gonna just relax, sunbathe and clear my head.

:: 02-07-02 ::
I would just like to say thanks to all my real friends who've been here for me this week. You guys mean a lot to me and have helped me a lot. I can finally manage to get myself together again. I love you guys..

:: 15-01-02 ::
It's been awhile since i've been online but am busy working full time in the t/a now! sigh...

:: 10-12-01 ::
Just come back from 3 weeks in HK. Was really boring as had to go back for family stuff!.. and came back and can't believe it's Xmas already! scary! havent started my shopping at all!! Havent been up to much lately, just the usual working and dossing!

:: 21-10-01 ::
Haven't been up to much lately, just work, sleep, eat and go out.. argh.. lifes really boring at the moment!! sighs.. =P

:: 9-8-01 ::
Omg... havent been online for ages... have graduated at last!!
Finally got round to some updating and have added some new pics up.

:: 30-6-01 ::
have finally recovered from the last few nites!! had a great birthday!! thanx to everyone who turned up.. shame i cant remember much about the evening tho! =P Wed and Thurs have both gone a bit blurred in my mind.. and merged into one nite! One thing i do remember tho is discovering red aftershocks! mm... yum!! hahahaha
pics will be posted up soon!! hehehe

:: 16-6-01 ::
You can tell that I'm really bored and got nothing to do lately cos I'm updating my page loads! got new (purple) scrollbars!! cool!! hehe.. Went to Time (again) on Thurs... Trevor Nelson was there! Had a very good nite.. =P and managed to stay away from the sea this time!!

:: 11-6-01 ::
Have finished all my exams now..scary!! OMG.. have been out nearly every nite since my exams have ended.. not good cos i got no money!
Went to the BBC meeting last Saturday all by myself even tho i didnt know anyone (mad or what?!) and it turned out to be really good! Even went clubbing with them afterwards!
hehe...had a really mad and funny nite last Thursday.. went to Time and got erm slightly pissed.. ended up wading in the sea and moonbathing.. i will say no more!!!

:: 26-5-01 ::
The weathers been so nice lately! Much too nice to revise..Therefore have not been doing any revising but going down to the seafront instead! Neway 2 exams down 3 more to go!! then... PARTY!!!

:: 3-5-01 ::
Last day of lectures today.. its quite sad, 4 years of studying (or maybe not quite studying in my case!!) finished just like that.. no more uni life for me now.. just the big world of work.. scary! hmm.. 2 weeks till exams.. think its abt time I got off the net and started to do some revising.. if u c me online.. tell me to go revise instead!

:: 23-4-01 ::
ok.. havent actually updated this for ages.. but havent really got the time to do anything to it at the moment.. maybe later tho..

oh yeah dont forget to sign my guestbook so that I knew that u were here!! thx =)

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