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It all started so innocently. We met as strangers, thrown together by fate. Some of you grew up with me, others I have only known a short while.. Every one of you has enriched my life.

You have helped to teach me, to guide me on this often turning and forking road of life. You have been with me through the good times and the bad. You have comforted me when I cried, held me when I was afraid, and laughed with me when I was happy.

Who are you? you may be my brother, my cousin, an old acquaintance or a new one. But first and foremost, I call you friend. And I miss you if you are away, and if you are here, then I thank you for standing by my side.

Friendship is a strange thing… we find ourselves telling each other the deepest details of our lives… things we don’t even share with our families who raised us..
But what is a friend?A confidante? A lover? A fellow email junkie? A shoulder to cry on? An ear to listen? A heart to feel?
A friend is all these things and more.

Whether we met through school, at work, through other friends, or over the internet, or anywhere….. I call you friend…
A word so small, yet so large in feeling… a word filled with emotion.
Friendships forged are a construct stronger than steel built as a foundation…necessary for life and love.

"It is by chance that we met, by choice we became friends"

There are plenty of acquaintances in the world, but very few real friends...

:: Shoutouts ::

Hey Cuz. Just wanna say thanks for the times that you've been there for me :) mwah..... and hey wasn't our hol the best??

Jessie… AKA PiggySze…
My sis ... Sze mui mui... heya sis we really are both so sor arent we? we are both so silly but then otherwise we wouldnt be sisters rite! just remember you can always come to me whenever you need someone ok!! =)

Rita...we've known each other for so many years now! even though we dont see each other as often these days we have still remained good friends and I know that i can always count on you! =) Just remember that i am always here for u if u ever need me! =P

Caroline.. One of my best friends from uni.. Hiya Caroline, just wanted to say that you've been a great friend to me! thanks =) i hope that we dont lose contact!!

Phil the Control Freak and his "twin" Rob!
Yo wassup Phil! You're a cool mate and i is well impressed! haha.. I'm glad that we met and have remained friends even tho our 1st meeting was in the "strangest" of places!! :p take care and come visit me more often yeah!!!

..and also to...
Lucy and Tamsin my best friends from school! hope that u guys are doing ok. Hope ur enjoying life as Mrs Russell Lucy!! hahaha and Tamsin.. hope that life in London is going ok for u too! take care huns!

.. and not forgetting... Linh - my good friend from Cardiff =) and

Marina, Ling and Joyce - my good friends from Uni.. havent these last 4 years just flown by guys?

Also, a big mention to all the people that I have met on the internet!! Some of you have ended up becoming my really good friends and the rest of you are still cool! hahaha
Some of these peeps include
Steven Leung (thanx for all ur help on my diss!!)
Rob (blackbee) - hey mate.. u've been a really good fren!! Thanx for everything =) And at last u managed to make it down to Pmth!!
Paul Mak - hey when u going to find the time and come down to visit me in Portsmouth or am I gonna have to make the trek to Mankyland???
KoKo - long time no chat man! hope ur doing ok!!
Allan - It was nice to finally meet u and I promise that next time I wont try and electrocute u again
Fai - my god brother! long time no c
and also a hello to Warren (Slider2000), Wai Ming, Julia(Chigs) and all the other ppl that I met at the BBC meeting and anyone else that I have met from the internet whom I have forgotten to mention - Sorry!!!

Theres so many more people that are important to me in my life. Sorry if I havent mentioned you. U've not been forgotten!!

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