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McClellan Varsity Cheerleaders!!

Hi! We all wanna thank you for coming to our page!! This is our first ever cheerleading web page for our cheerleading squad! So we're still working on it. So if you come back will probably have it updated soon!! But the the varsity squad has 8 members. And they are: Jami* Selina* Megan* Denae(co~captin)* Alex(capton)* Rachel* Jessica* And Linzy! Thats the varsity squad for the season 00*01!!

The Jounior Varsity also has 8 girls on there squad!! They are: Hannah(captin)* Emily(co~captin)* Jamie* Chanelle* Britini* Elisha* Elexis* And Kristin! Thats the Jounior Varity Squad for the season 00*01!!

We have the best coach in the whole world!! Her name is Teresa!! Your the best!! Even though you probably won't see this! hehe! N~e ways this will be the 2nd year of her coaching us!! Before she came we haden't placed in a tournament in a long time!!

Last year the Varsity Squad got 2nd @ the Ina tournament!! The members were Andrea* Ashley* Lindsay* Megan C.* Megan H.* Jami!! All of them graduated this year but Megan H.* And Jami!!

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