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Date:  Saturday, July 28, 2001

Time:  8:00 to 4:00

Place: OSU-Tulsa

Tulsa Nightwriters July Conference

On Sat. July 28, 2001 we are holding our first annual all-day writing conference on the OSU-Tulsa Campus. For those already registered, this will give you an update on who has committed to speaking. As new information is finalized, it will come your way by email. Sign-up information with a registration form is included at the end for anyone who doesn't yet have a seat at this event. This conference is open to everyone. We want to give Nightwriters first opportunity to attend, but everyone with an interest in writing is welcome.


Michele Bardsley, multi-published author and Sr. Editor of e-publisher Hard Shell Word Factory, leaves the glitter of Las Vegas to come speak to on promotions - the usual, the frugal and the not-so-conventional - to stretch a promotions budget & get news about your books to more readers. 

Jackie Bielowicz, multi-published author, will give the scoop on using research to not only write historical novels, but build worlds & settings for all genres - romance to contemporary mystery to sci-fi.

Derek Bullard and Dale Whisman will hold a workshop on Screenwriting and Playwriting. Derek has recently had one of his contest winning screenplays filmed by a university film crew, and Dale has had a number of his plays produced by a local theatre company.

Gloria Harchar, Nightwriter president and author of Prim Courtesan, will speak on the "Book in a Week" system, a surefire method to quickly & completely write a manuscript, no matter how little time you "think you have" to write.

Carol Johnson, author, former OWFI Crème-de-la-Crème award winner, and English instructor at TCC (Tulsa Community College) will speak on writing basics, from formats and fonts to grammar glitches, contest strategies and editing tips to cover letters - and everything in between.

Suzan King, author and writing instructor at TCC will address one of the most difficult aspects in writing -- Point-of-View.

Jodie Larsen, multi-published suspense author will hold a workshop on the process of getting a "brainstorm" to the "bookshelf," discussing the route - from writing, to acquiring an agent, to getting a publisher, to finally seeing your project in print.

Judy Randle, book editor of the Tulsa World will speak on how to become a book reviewer, how books get reviewed in the book section of newspapers, and how a writer's work often only starts when the book is published. In this workshop, she will be teamed with a representative from one of the Tulsa bookstores, to add the bookseller's side to this process.

Joan Rhine on goal setting and motivation for writers - learn to treat writing as a business and reap greater rewards.

Liz Walker, multi-published freelance writer will team with Derek Bullard and Joan Rhine on a nonfiction writing panel, covering everything from how to find markets and approached editors with ideas, to how to find sources and parlay one story into many more. Basics will also be covered, such as how to get that first assignment before you have clips.

Lunch is scheduled from noon until 1:30. During that time the conference rooms will be available for a group critique session and an "open mike" poetry session. A map showing nearby places to grab a quick lunch will be provided in conference packs for those wanting to attend either session. Information will also be provided for locations to enjoy a more leisurely lunch.

A half-hour book signing event will be scheduled at the end of the day for Tulsa Nightwriters' authors and conference speakers.

Copyrighted by Gloria Harchar of the Tulsa Nightwriters

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Last updated on June 18, 2001