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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions
. To join classes you are required to enrol in a prepaid course.
· Once the course has begun there will be strictly no refunds.
· If you can inform me before the course starts, of any classes you cannot attend,you will not have to pay for them.

Committing students to a whole term helps the learning progression, making class easier for you and more productive. Classes are very friendly and lots of fun. Organized courses will also ensure classes won’t be overcrowded.

. Early enrolment with payment will ensure your place in the course.
· If you miss out on a place or if a minimum of ten places are not filled and thecourse is cancelled, your payment will be returned and you will have the option to go on a waiting list for the next course.
· Enrolments forms and payment should be in no later than the day before the course commences.
· Late enrolments will be accepted under certain conditions.

Belly dancing is an enjoyable, safe, gentle form of exercise. Even doctors and other authorities in health are recommending this activity. As with other forms of exercise, however, you should observe a few elementary precautions.
. If you have any injuries or problems which may affect your dancing, let the teacher know so that she can tailor the exercise to suit you.
· Similarly, if you fall pregnant the teacher will be able to guide you if she knows about your condition.
· Naturally, anyone beginning any new exercise regime should check with their doctor that they are fit for it before beginning, especialy those over 45 years of age.

Go to Classes page for enrolment form. Contact Shahara on 07-33690832