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Hello there my dear, you're looking at my new Queensite! It's not quite finished yet, But I'll just keep working on it and try to make it perfect! I dedicate this site to one of the greatest bands in the whole world! Queen!

Queen are:

Freddie Mercury, Leadsinger ( vocals,piano)
Roger Taylor, Drummer (vocals,drums)
Brian May, Guitarist (vocals, guitar)
John Deacon, Bassist (bass, guitar)
Queen started their specteculair career in the early seventies. They've sold more then a million albums over the whole world. Sadly enough the leadsinger of the band,Freddie Mercury, died at 24th november 1991 of the HIV-virus.

"You take my breath away"

look into my eyes and you'll see i'm the only one you've captured my love stolen my heart,changed my life everytime you make a move you destroy my mind and the way you touch I lose control I shiver deep inside,you take my breath away

*Freddie Mercury*

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