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~ Skip T. Griffin ~

2-6-73 ~ 9-22-98>


Missouri River ~Bridge Skip allegedly jumped (fell) from

This site is created for my mother
in memory of my brother.
Skip passed away at the age of 25,
due to a tragic drowning accident.
Although you are not hear with us physically,
you will remain in our hearts forever.
Skip was a very special man
who was always trying to help out
his friends and family,
so to give back to Skip,
I've created this site so that Skip
can be remembered.

In this site I will tell you some
of Skip's hobbies and likes.
As you can tell by the picture
Skip served in the Navy
until he received an honorable discharge
for stress fractures
as well as family problems at home.
Skip loved the Navy
and was upset when he was discharged.

Skip was a well liked man
and had many friends,
he was the type of guy
that would do anything for anybody.
He was also very shy at times,
but around family and friends
he was outgoing and considered
to be the "peace-maker",
he could not stand to see
people upset with each other.

Skip was a very intelligent person,
to have a conversation with him
was intriguing as he was so smart.
Among serving in the Navy,
Skip worked in Maitence for a while
and had a Heavy Equipment Lience.
He was also very good on the computer.

Skip was a very caring individul
and did get his feelings hurt easily,
however he kept his head up
and tried not to let things get to him.

I remember when my father passed away
I was 14 and my sister 16,
my Mom asked Skip to move in with us
and to help out on our farm
we had just purchased.
Skip being an Independent Person,
was kinda upset,
but did not second thought it,
he moved in and quit College
so he could stay home and work on the farm
and care for his sisters.

I have to admit I was not happy
when Skip first moved in,
I felt that he was trying to take
the role of my father,
but as I got older, I realized
Skip was trying to look out for his family
and help care for us.
What a great Man to give up his life
to care for his younger sisters,
1 of which is handicapped,
and to work on this farm of 11 acres.

Skip and I also developed a bond
after our father passed away,
we had become close friends
and could talk bout many things.
Skip did have depression at times,
dont we all
but he always seemed in control
and if he thought
he could not handle something
he did seek help,
which may have consisted of a councler.
With the struggles we endured in our life
I am surprised we all did not seek help.

Skip and I also use to say
that our lifes were cursed.
In 94, we buried our father,
in 96,my first born son Zac,
In 98 Skip
and in 2000 my 3 yr old son,Jacob.
Although many people
have lost loved ones,
I begin to wonder
about these even years,
and dread them as they approach.

Mom, we have been through a lot,
and I have made this site for you
as well as a tribute to Skip,
your First Born and only Son.
I've buried 2 of mine
so I can honestly say
I feel your pain.
Skip was a very special young man
and had his whole life ahead of him
but he touched many people
and left an impression in many others lifes.
Though he is not hear with us physically
he will always remain in our hearts
and you will be with him again someday.
Until then, this site is
a Special Tribute to this Special Guy,
may Skip live on in your heart forever.

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~Jacob-age 3~

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