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John D Griffin was a wonderful man he was such a loving and caring husband and a wonderful father. His middle daughter was born with mild cerebal palsy due to a birth trauma and he did such a wonderful job caring for her.

In addition to being a police officer, John had other things he enjoyed doing.He loved to go camping and fishing.He also enjoyed going for walks and spending time with his family.He also thought very highly of his friends and would do anything for them, he met them frequntly in the mornings for coffee.

In addition to cooking dinner, laundry and other house work, he also did the yard work, which for a long time consisted of mowing with a push mower, until they purchased a rider after he began to become very short of breath, he had had a triple bypass surgery and double bypass surgery prior.

John has always wanted a farm, well him and Linda purchased one right outside of city limits in sedalia, and it had a 1 acre pond that came out from thier deck, it was beautiful. John loved it and fished almost every night.John had also purchased a tractor for these 13 acres on thier farm.He loved driving it as well.

Unfortunately John passed away one month after moving to this farm he had always wanted, he went into the hospital for something minor and had a massive heart attack while there, John was unable to come off the ventilator as he could not breathe on his own, the heart attack had destroyed his heart.He did pull it and survived for 2 days after that.

John also had a very sweet personality he liked to joke around a lot and was always trying to cheer everyone else up, even while he lay in the hospital he cracked jokes and kept his wit, he was trying to be strong for everyone else.

John loved his family dearly and it showed, John will be remembered for his strength, his heart, and caring personality, he was a wonderful man and quickly made friends.He was the type of man that would help anyone out.He had a big heart.

In addition to other hobbies and interest John had, he enjoyed watching wrestling, and driving around in his pick up truck.He also enjoyed trips to Ill. to see his family.

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