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~In Memory of John D Griffin~

9-23-34 to 9-10-94

This site is created in loving memory of my father, John Griffin.I take great pride in making this site for such a wonderful, loving , caring man.

John was a wonderful father and very loving and caring husband,he was happy in his life and had 3 children, although one was adopted from a previous marriage.

John was a sergeant with the Windsor Police Force, retiring in 1984, he was a life member of the Disabled American Veterans and American Legion Post No.1000. He served in the Air Force and Navy and was an ordained Pentecostal minister. He was also a member of the Missouri Sherrif's Association.

When John was forced to retire from the Police Force due to a triple bypass surgery on his heart he was very upset and at times depressed, he loved his work as a police officer and he was not the type of man to just sit at home.Upon retiring he then did most the housework and took care of us kids seeing he got us to school and activities.

On a regular basis John would do the house work including laundry and prepare dinner and also would later home school his children.Since his wife worked 12 hour night shifts as a nurse he would have dinner ready for her when she woke and fix her a hot cup of tea or cup of coffee, she could be bear with out those when waking up.

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