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To My Future Baby

Dream Baby

A Baby Crying
Is What I Want To Hear
Dirty Diapers Piling
I Want My Child Near

It's Hard They Say
Though I Don't Know Why
Give Me A Child I Pray
Childless Though I Stay

Arms Aching I Wait
Dreaming of That Child
Hoping It Won't Be Too Late
My Dream Baby Will Come, But Not For A While
---Kelly Johnson


My Name is Kelly and I am the one who is mostly writing this webpage. I am married to a wonderful husband named David, you can Learn more about us on our Page, Their will be a link at the bottom of this page.In The Menu Bar You Will Be ABle TO Go to my other pages. ALso if you go onto the link page you will find A page called Precious and Cheyenne, they are my fur babies, visit their page!!!

My whole life I Have wanted a child of my own. I was diagnosed at the early ripe age of 13 with a disease called PCOS. The disease has been awful to me my entire life. Pcos has caused me to be overweight, and not menstrate regularly. So as you've probably guessed no periods, no baby. My husband and I early in our marriage decided to have children, it just made sense to us. We Both love children very much, but were unable to conceive. Like many couples, the stress of not being able to conceive almost ended our marriage.

Now 2 years into my marriage i have decided to fight for my fertility. I have now went on a serious diet starting on Dec 11 2002. I have cut my calorie intake to almost nothing and starting walking. I slowly increased my walking first 1 mile the next day 2 the next day 3. The i stayed at that for a week then went up to 4 then 5 for about 4 weeks and now im up to 6 miles a day. Which is good for me considering i used to sit on my butt all the time and get out of breath going to the fridge. My husband has been so supportive of me my parents as well. I know sometimes it makes him sad that we cant get pregnant. But i am determined to get pregnant. I have recently lost 60 Pounds. I got AF on my own last month and Started 50 MG of Clomid. I wrote this page just to put my frustrations on. Youll see alot of my poetry on this page it helps me deal with all of the sadness I have.

Dream Babies

The Nursery

Nursery Sits Unused Now
Our Dream Baby Slept There
Crib The Color Of Snow
Going In There Is More Than I Can Bear

Pooh Is On The Walls
Books On The Shelf
"Where Are You I Call"
But All I Hear Is Myself

Clothes Hung With Care
Blankets,Bottles, and Bibs
A Baby Swing Is There
But Still Something Is Amiss

No Cries Can Be Heard
My Heart Feels Abused
Don't Know If It Will Ever Be Cured
Cause The Nursery Sits Unused

---Kelly Johnson

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