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Controversial Rock-Star Nominated For “G” Award:

A Grim Reminder

Recently, a well-known personality was nominated for the “G” award. This young man has quite a rap and he really rocks. He will rock the world in a manner we have never seen before. He was born just before the end of the last century, but is already making his mark in the beginning of this century, striking chords across the board. His critics are disapproving of the words and message he brings. They claim that he gives permission for greater discrimination against women and more severe persecution of some minority groups and even encourages violence toward those groups. But his rap has a catchy rhythm and really resonates with many of his adoring fans. After all, in this day and age, can’t “political incorrectness” be cool sometimes?

This new kid on the block, has talent, a feel for the pop-culture of his day and is a real artist in what he does! Besides, his supporters say that he may not really mean all of those terrible things he says-it may even be a joke. They claim that if he does believe in the words in his rap; that he is just expressing himself and showing his honest feelings. His critics say he is a bad role model for the millions of very young fans, but haven’t grown-ups always complained about other gyrating stars with degrading messages?

He is an icon for the disturbed and alienated, but he gives his followers a sense of purpose. Women swoon when they hear him and men envy him. Some of his fans even want to engrave him on their license plates. The large numbers of his works sold, (over 30 million) demonstrate that he has a large and growing following. Could he be that bad of a role model then? Should he not then be nominated for an award based on his talent, moving beat and large numbers of followers and works sold? And judging by his words of his works, there is a good chance he can win the really big one- the “G” award. Why not give him the chance to win the “G” award. Only time will tell if he wins.

So who is this rising young star, and when was the above article written? The article was written recently, however it could have been written circa 1933. The young man referred to above, is Adolf Hitler. His work was not a CD but rather Mein Kampf- a book. Mein Kampf was a special book; a book which reeked of derisions toward already marginalized people-not too unlike the words of some singers, politicians and religious leaders, in the beginning of this century.

The “G” award is not the Grammy Award, but the Genocide award- the award for the worst killer in history. But the worst killer in history could never have accomplished his goal without the silent complicity of so many who heard derisive and bigoted words; made them part of their life and lived by those words.

When we do not learn from history, we must be prepared to repeat it.

If this article seems to fit a more recent story in the beginning of the year 2001; it is pure coincidence. Copyright 2001: Chris Rosetti: All rights reserved

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