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yinka dare


from the 1996 mr universe contest

Yinka Dare invented water.
Yinka won 11 Nobel Peace Prize.
Yinka recorded 9 Platium records, including his 100 x platium album "ALL EYEZ ON YINKA."
Yinka once score 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High.
Yinka was a 5 times parade All-American in high school.
Yinka wrote "war and peace" in 30 minutes.
Yinka is the strongest man in the world.
Yinka won the 1996 Mr. Universe contest.
Yinka tied Manute Bol, by sleeping with 30,000 women.
Yinka beat Bobby Fisher in chess and checkers.
Yinka invented the internet, along with Al Gore.
Yinka is an international hero, a real life Austin Powers.
Yinka found a cure for cancer.
Yinka won 53 gold medals
Yinka was the first man on the moon
Yinka was the 5th member of the beatles