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A high School standout Leon Smith has hugh potentials. Like fellow Chicago Legends Thomas Hamilton and Preist Lauderdale, Leon went pro after high school. He attended Martin Luther King High School in chicago, where he was the 1999 Illinois player of the year and a All-American. He had committed to Fresno State but declare for the 1999 NBA draft, in which he was taken late in the first round by San Antonio but then sent to Dallas. The top canidate for rookie of the year.
dominating at the adidas camp wow, its yinka get off me, donnie nelson, you can't hold me
Leon 'smarter than u' Smith and Jermaine 'the brain' O'Neal, the known Yinkaholics, teamed up to explore the history of Yinka Dare, the 2/3 god 1/3 man. They have found ancient scrolls written in greek and latin, which tell the story of Yinka Dare. They gave the scrolls the name Y-Bible. The scrolls are giving many answers to the world's most unanswered secrets. Leon and Jermaine found out that Yinka created the world and nature, as the 2/3 god he is. and then was born as a man in 1972. That fact makes Leon sure that Yinka, the 2/3 god, is coming out as a man to help our world when he thinks it's necessary. The scrolls mention few famous names from our world's history who are considered to be Yinka too (Ceaser and Napoleon are just 2 of'em). According to the Y-Bible, the Inkas are considered to be the first civilization to acknowledge Yinka's mightiness, and to believe in him as the world's ruler. As this world's commissioner, Yinka communicates with 3,298,002 other worlds. Since the smart Inkas, our world lives in sin, so Jermaine and Leon have taken the responsibility of spreading the Y-Bible, and making the world a better place. As Yinka Dare, the best basketball player ever, Yinka earned 72 PHDs when he was only 5. He changed the world by giving it computers (he invented the transistor and the microprocessor), when he graduated from HS, he added 163 more PHDs. In sports, Yinka was just awesome. He won national titles for his HS in basketball, football, baseball, track & field, soccer and chess. After each and every Ivy League College begged him to join in order to teach the professors, Yinka chose GW. In GW Yinka broke NCAA records constantly, but he grew tired of the GW professors' ignorance. So he decided to join the NBA. Please forgive us, the all mighty Dare, Hail Yinka! INCOGNITO!