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After years of dominanting the nba, Yinka had change the way the game was played. So the U.S. Governament with help from the F.B.I. and C.I.A. they try to stop the almighty Yinka. After many attemps so assinate the great one, they finally come up with the idea of framing Yinka that he betted on the nba, ala Pete Rose in baseball. With this lie they were able to bann Yinka out of basketball, making room for lesser talanted players like Micheal Jordan to take over the game.

The C.I.A. also limited the amount of playing time for the Messiah Keith Closs. Knowing that Keith would dominant the league as did his idol yinka did. One move that is bann from the NBA and 48 states is yinka's famous "triple murder crossover." Because it broke too many ankles. The Yinka Dare "come Dare with me" video series is illegal to be in procession of.