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Here We Are

Welcome to the home of...

Integrative Intuitive Healing
Astrological Consultation

Denmark, Norway, USA


A Healing Apprenticeship Workshop Series
for Compassionate Integrative Intuitive Healing

~ tools for healers working in compassionate service, energy healing, dowsing, homeopathy, flower and vibrational essences ~

Intro! THE INTEGRATING SYSTEM: Compassionate Dowsing Overview

Workshops!Learn the Art of Intuitive Readings using THE INTEGRATING SYSTEM

NEW!Nordic Essences - Environmental Essences

Healing Training



26 MAI 2000 - INTRODUCTION TO THE NORDIC ESSENCES, Hof, Norway, KL.19:00 Gratis, TLF.33385372, Email:

2-3 SEPT 2000 - THE INTEGRATING SYSTEM: COMPASSINATE DOWSING WORKSHOP, Arendal, Norway, Lordag & Sondag, 1000 nok, Email:

Below is a photo of the founder of the Wizard School, taken a few years back, as he happily clears the path in front of his home.

Young Apprentice Warming Up
in the Early Years

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Looking for a starship ride? This one moves at the speed of compassion, and this graphic of the vortexijah diamondbody starship is provided by Ananda/Emmanuel, ATON Institute, Bagn, Norway.

Easy to Assemble Instructions Provided

All you need to do is attend a DiamondBody Training, and practice what you learn.

ATON, ANANDA/EMMANUEL This link will transport you directly to the gateway of the combined ATON, ANANDA/EMMANUEL, and ODIN site, where you can explore hyperspatially to your Heart's content.

TIME GATE with ANANDA And for those of you who may wish to visit his site with links related to TIME WAVE work and TIME GATE gatherings, just use this link.