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Compassionate Dowsing

Using Awareness, Compassion and Integration to Offer Intuitive Readings

The natural mind is without knowing or not-knowing; happiness or anguish.
Thus the meaning of 'mindfulness' is awareness similar to the sky.
The great wisdom is free from all conceptualization.
At this time whatever arises manifests as completely perfect. Wonderful! Amazing!

-- Mipham Jamyang Dorje Rinpoche (1846-1914), has attempted to point out the "true nature of mind" in Dzogchen view

Dowsing, also known as ‘radiesthesia,’ is a means of finding resonance, or matching of overall vibrational pattern, between any two or more alternatives; whether these be things, places, people, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, habitual behaviours, psychological characteristics, energetic imbalances, illness states, positive inputs, compassionate awareness, surgical procedure, biomedical evaluation, physical therapies, healing modalities, spiritual practices, or any other items of information that support life, love and light.

THE INTEGRATING SYSTEM is a comprehensive, integrated flow chart of healing possibilities that can serve as a guide for the practice of allowing reception of intuitive readings. It helps us to have a conversation, in which we open to receive the answer from ourselves as All-Is-God, in response to a question that we ask as All-Is-God. In a way, it is just another practice of meditation, or All-Oneness beingness, in service.

This flow chart is designed to be of service by finding what is needed to assist in taking the next step on one's chosen path, whether conceived of as health or disease, beginning with the fewest assumptions possible on the part of the consultant. While it is possible to use this flow chart through clairvoyance alone, (sometimes referred to as 'deviceless dowsing'), another option is to utilize clairsentience, for example dowsing with the aid of a pendulum,. This is simply a method of intuitively recognizing a match, or correspondence, between a question that asks for what is needed, and that which provides it. The original version of this INTEGRATING SYSTEM flow chart, created by Kearney Buskirk, a colleague in California, has been modified and clinically applied by numerous healers and other consultants from the 1980’s to the present. I have used it as the ‘hub’ or ‘pivot’ of my own healing practice since 1985, and I can report that it has served well as a healing force for clients and for myself during fourteen years of continuous use in several different contexts, with a focus on alleviating suffering by facilitating the process of human soul-unfoldment and entry into a Contemplative View which we can call awareness of All-Oneness, or All-Is-God.

When we pay attention with open hearts and minds, we realize that in healing, as in life, anything can happen. Compassion and Awareness are the healers -- we simply catch and ride the wave if our Intention and Motivation is clear -- no claim, no blame. Although conventionally there is a ‘designated healer,’ that person at times may be as much the ‘client’ as the ‘healer.’ And conversely, the ‘designated client’ may find they are the ‘healer.’ When Heart is open we allow the merging into Oneness, and in this zero point of stillness all is accomplished -- instantly. At the point of stillness, explanations seem inadequate, and they evaporate or dissolve. Yet we can communicate our experience of approach to the core, and our experience of entry into All-Oneness consciousness. This simple and clear communication is one aspect of service with the flow chart. Truth is One, paths to that Truth are many. Spiritual healing with this flow chart is one of these numerous paths. It is not the Truth, but simply points to a means of approach to that Truth. It is offered in that spirit, to be used if it serves you as a spiritual traveler on the Way.

Approximately forty pages comprise the basic flow chart in its current incarnation, plus some extra dowsing charts and references. However, the intention is that you feel completely free to adapt it according to the particular experience of your practice as a place of creativity, service, healing and inspiration. As you work with it, you may find that you wish to modify it to suit your own experience and style of practice. For example, you may:

add therapies that you use, but which do not appear in this version of the flowchart

add your own methods for assessment, intuitive or knowledge-based

add new therapies with which you would like to develop a basic knowledge

remove that with which you do not feel inclined to work for now

remove items that consistently fail to show up in your experience with readings

use it as a part of a larger scope of practice

use it as a means to expand the scope of your practice, according to your own guidance

’It's totally flexible, and we encourage you to look at it with a light heart and an open mind. There really is no limit to what may be done with this flow chart, providing that one is aware of and observes two basic guidelines, noticed and verified by several practitioners over a period of decades of use:

(1) As far as humanly possible, to remain pure in the motivation to serve; facilitating soul unfoldment through Compassion and Awareness as a path to alleviate suffering.

(2) To observe if there is a genuine need for the reading, which is expressed directly by the person(s), being(s), or collective situation that is receiving the benefit of the reading.

These two guidelines are highly recommended for peaceful and easy use of this dowsing approach in service to the One Creator as the soul-unfoldment of the ‘client’. Mindful care with these two basic tips will help to avoid many potential pitfalls ! We invite you to ENJOY !

Randall Barolet, Norway and USA

Overview of the Integrating System

Pages 1 - 10 For use in overall scanning

Finding factors of context for the reading: one’s own clarity and readiness for the reading; the need for referral for evaluation or therapy; broad description of the current condition, cause(s), presence of denial as a significant factor; habits affecting health, healing methods search, etc.

A Few Sample Specific Questions: What is the reason for lack of improvement? What is the most accurate understanding of the denial present in this person at this time? Is evaluation and/or therapy by me in the best interests of this person?

Pages 11 - 37 For use in finding the ‘details’ of understanding and/or therapy

Finding the ‘most accurate understanding’ of a current condition; details of specific therapy(ies) from within a broad general healing method which will provide current optimal benefit.

A Few Sample Specific Questions: Is a single or multiple homeopathic remedy needed first, perhaps to clear a toxic focus? Is it most effective to use physical therapy or to work with bringing awareness to beliefs about power, or to use both simultaneously? Which particular flower essences combination will best assist self-acceptance and self-love?


Randall Barolet is a practicing intuitive healer, teacher and writer. With education in engineering science, environmental planning, film and television production, and as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, he has worked as a health care practitioner and teacher for 30 years, providing intuitive readings for his clients for 20 of those years. He has apprenticed with traditional Chinese doctors, psychologists, homeopaths, dowsers, energy healers and spiritual teachers in developing his work, which assists clients and seminar participants to practice ways of discovering, recognizing and creating health from within, using their own path of awakening to recall the clear and radiant emptiness of our natural mind. Working with our life paths, which sometimes bring us into states of relative imbalance, suffering or disease, we can begin to see each experience as an integral part of our soul-unfoldment process, which is inviting us to awaken in and beyond our personalities to recollect sky-like awareness. This is a self-settled, vivid awareness free from conception---the awareness that remembers the whole universe is inside us in each moment. In other words, we can be 'finding what is needed' in each moment, by simply asking in the Zero Point of compassionate stillness and emptiness. Using traditional and modern techniques of spiritual dowsing, an open integration of Healing Diversity as One Unity, and humorous inspiration, his seminars work with people discovering the wonderful nature of life's journey as a multi-dimensional and shared experience of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

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