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T.K. Chang Selected Publications

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Law Review & Op-Ed Articles

Latest Developments in Retail and E-Commerce in China
No Moral Hazard in China (Wall Street Journal)
Not Too Big to Fail in China (International Financial Law Review)
Post-Financial Crash Lessons from China (China Business Review)
The Making of the Chinese Bankruptcy Law: Study in Legislative Process (Harvard International Law Journal)
China the Wild East (International New York Times)
No More Places to Hide Your Money (Life After FATCA) 美国税收新动向
Avoiding Japanís US Investment Mistakes(避免重蹈日本在美投资覆辙)

College Admissions; Law School or Business School?

College Application Secrets 申请美国大学诀窍 (Chinese and English)
Law School or Business School? 读法或读商? (Chinese and English)
Surviving and Succeeding in College 挤进窄门之后ó大学制胜准则 (Chinese and English)
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