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T.K. Chang Selected Publications

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Law Review & Op-Ed Articles

Latest Developments in Retail and E-Commerce in China
No Moral Hazard in China (Wall Street Journal)
Not Too Big to Fail in China (International Financial Law Review)
Post-Financial Crash Lessons from China (China Business Review)
The Making of the Chinese Bankruptcy Law: Study in Legislative Process (Harvard International Law Journal)
China the Wild East (International New York Times)
Shenzhen Special Economic Zone 1982 First-hand Case Studies (深圳经济特区1982年第一手案例研究)
No More Places to Hide Your Money (Life After FATCA) 美国税收新动向
Avoiding Japanís US Investment Mistakes(避免重蹈日本在美投资覆辙)

College Admissions; Law School or Business School?

College Application Secrets 申请美国大学诀窍 (Chinese and English)
Law School or Business School? 读法或读商? (Chinese and English)
Surviving and Succeeding in College 挤进窄门之后ó大学制胜准则 (Chinese and English)
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