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Rio Grande Valley Bikers' Web Site....

This site is dedicated to Bandido Grandpa, Papa Jack Simerly, Pigtail, Pompas, Wild Willie York, Crazy Larry, Squeaky, Angel, Birdman, Jingles, Big C, Bill "Wide Load" Parker and all the others who are gone but not forgotten; but most of all, to my father the "Governor"!
Miss ya', Bros!! C'ya in the Wind!


Read Lady Di's Jamuary Follys article!
Read Lady Di's February Follys article!
All the news from a very busy Club!!
La Feria Gypsy M/C

And, since Lady Di doesn't have enough to do, She wrote another article for
Saying "Goodbye" to Big "C"....


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Weslaco Poker Run!! Smoky's Birthday Party! La Feria Party Time at the Arroyo!! Hotwire's Birthday and Trader/Chica Anniversary!! Mimi's Birthday Party at the Rose!<br>We love ya, Baby!! Border Bros Anniversary Party!! Border Bros M/C Party at the Arroyo!! April Fools and Bikers Too!!! Blessing of the Bikes 99!! Ghostriders' Ferry Crossing!! Fiesta 2000!!! Ghostriders' Poker Run! Lower Valley Plays Santa-99!!! Border Bro Fish Fry!!

Border Bros Anniversary Party at the Arroyo!
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Click here to see the whole SLIDE SHOW with more pics of the party!

Drop in and say Hi to this pretty lady!! The pics for the "April Fools and Bikers Too" run to Port Isabel are in too!~Pics! click HERE!

Fools Run SLIDE SHOW!! (click here!)

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TMRA Calendar

Photos of Past Events!!
La Feria Gypsy Poker Run to the Pelican!

Lower Valley Gypsy Toy Delivery!

CMA Blessing of the Bikes 2000!

Border Bros Anniversary Party 2000!

Ghostrider Poker Run to the Los Ebanos Ferry!!

Hotwire's Birthday and Trader's and Chica's Anniversary!


La Feria Gypsy FIESTA 2000!!


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CLUB NEWS-If you will send in your articles I will build a separate page with your pictures and articles to link to this page. Or if you want to build the page yourself and link, it is perfectly fine. The only rule is that everything be G-rated-my kids use this computer, too! LOL

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