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Meet Results

Varsity CHSAA Champs
CHSAA 2000 Champs Results ~ Flyers Win by 1/2 Point!!!
NSCHSAA Varsity Champs
Flyers take second behind Bill Karasz double gold performances in competive race vs. St. Anthony's
Soph CHSAA Champs
Sophomore Flyers take Triple Crown home!!!! CHSAA Champs Tom Magaldi & Brian Goodrich lead the way.... Koehler, Yatco, Howard, Leone, Gallagher unbelievable 2nd place finishes.
Frosh CHSAA Champs
Freshman win CHSAA Champs behind Greg Preis 2k Steeple and 2 mile victory.
Hartford Public High School Invitational
Charlie Millieon 9:12.8 John Corley 9:46.9 Brendan Brown 9:48.8 John Corley 4:21.05 Mike Rozea 1:58.0 Paul Moser 48.86 400m IHPete Garafalo 57.42
St. Anthony's Invite
Moser Bedoya battle in the 400m, and Sophomore Flyers (Yatco-Magaldi-Howard-Hoffman) break 4 x mile school record.
Derrick Adkins Classic
Brown and Martin 2-3 in the mile, with Soviero and Goodrich 3-6 in the Steeple.
Nassau Coaches Meet
Preis and Howard run well in the mile, Yatco and Koehler tear it up in the 3k Steeple (without water, or steeples) and Tom Magaldi 10:03 3200m
Suffolk Coaches Meet
Greg Preis 2nd Place in Novice Steeple, Dider throws meet record discus throw. Howard takes 1500. Joe Gallagher races well in 100m
Carey Relays
Flyers take first in DMR and SMR and 4 x mile. Brendan Brown 4:36, Yatco breaks 5 with 4:54.
NSCHSAA Relay Carnival
Pete Garafalo sets Junior Record in 400 IH Soph 4 x 400m of Leone-Goetz-Martins-Henry takes first place 3:43.7





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Alan Webb Runs 4:03.33 in nike Golden Mile @ UNC Charlotte Meet!!
Running in a race with fourteen others, Webb faced some elbows around the first turn, but after finishing the first quarter in :60.2, he never looked back, winning the race by a solid 5 seconds. Webb's dream of four minutes still hangs in the air... when asked about breaking the wall: Webb said that he was training through this meet. Now lets see: 4:03.33 ~ and he's not running at top notch? This kid is amazing!

2000 Penn Relays
Alan Webb's 3:59.9 mile split off the DMR is all I'm going to tell you... WHAT A MEET!!


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