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A tribute to the Peanuts Gang and its creator, Charles Schultz

My memories of the Peanuts gang. I will provide MIDIs, profiles, and pics later.

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The official Peanuts site
My Christian page
My Peanuts Gang message board
Article(s) relating to Charles Schultz...more to come soon.
NEW!!! Profiles of the Peanuts Gang!
Lindsey's Snoopy page! It's real neat! Check it out :)

Hello and welcome to my tribute to Charles Schultz and his wonderful comic strip, "Peanuts." On January 3, 2000, after nearly half a century of drawing the comic strip, Charles Schultz has retired. On February 12, 2000, Charles Schulz passed away. This webpage is dedicated in his memory and the memory of his life-like, fictional characters. Mr. Schultz, you and your characters will be missed. My late grandmother loved your comic strip and even in Heaven she still loves it. You're a good man, Charlie Schultz! UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE! Now that Sparky Schulz has passed on, go to to find the many dedications made to him by his fellow comic strip artists. They were in several newspapers on May 27th, 2000. View My SlamBook! | Sign My SlamBook!

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