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                               Poems of Pain

................Hushed minutes pass by, and I wait, and wait.
                But nothing at all comes.

                         Realities Dreams!

                             Days that have no tomorrow!
                                Weeks that have no end!
                               Time that goes on forever!
                                 Life without a plan!

                  All of life's sweet memories, that never came to be.
                  Are collecting in my heartache, for all the world to see.
                  I feel the tears burn hotly, behind my seeking eyes.
                  Each night as I turn out the lights, I tell myself more lies.
                  By the time that I can drift off, into the land of dreams.
                  I've conjured up an image, of beautiful, made up scenes.
                  Of you and I together, closer day by day.
                  Happy beyond reason, complete in every way.
                  But as the light grows brighter, I wake to see the proof.
                  The empty place beside me, a reflection of the truth.

                           Going On !

Why won't someone help me?  I can not bare the pain.
I wait for something special, to build me up again.

There isn't any person, that sees my troubled tears.
Or cares enough about me, to help me through my fears.

I watch the daylights passage, as it fades away from sight.
And slips to the horizon, and journey's into night.

It passes very quickly, beyond my desperate grasp.
Then goes away completely, why can't I make it last?

I need to see tomorrow, it's calling out to me.
It says it holds the answers, to all I want to be.

But as the time fades quickly, another day is done.
I find the same tomorrow, just like the former one.


                          Farewells Flight

Speak to me my life, my love, of moments shared, and words exchanged.
Bring to me your tender kiss, so I may live again.
I dream each night of our sweet love, of passions warm embrace.
Of each and every tender look, I saw upon your face.
In the very beginning, when now was yet to be.
You brought to me a faith once lost, a magic none could see.
You showed me things of wonder, of times unending need.
I found you in a dream, a small and subtle seed.
In moonlit meadows walking, in love through many years.
You held me close, and pledged your love, and ended all my fears.
Six years we had together, partners in every way.
Our strength and hope became a bond, that brought us to today.
I miss you and I see you, in all the things I do.
You are the best of all I've done, and every thing that's true.
So remember me on your journey, to paradises door.
And hold me tight within your arms, and guide me ever more.



I sit for countless hours,                         Although I go on breathing
Without a plan ahead.                            And seeing with my eyes.
My mind an empty novel,                        I'm looking past tomorrow,
A reflection of the dead.                        It's reflection in the skies.

I stare beyond the living,                       To what I hope is waiting,
To things I can not see.                        Beyond the coming years.
I breach the doors of heaven,                  It's something I can hope for,
For things that can not be.                     And bring forth with my tears.

                         In living in this day dream,
                            I'll hold onto the pain.
                         And try for countless eons,
                          To bring you back again.


                         What Do I Want?

A million years in the palm of my hand.   Someone dear to stand where I stand.

A single phrase said from the heart.  A piece of heaven right from the start.

All of the future true love can bring.  A poem, a promise, a magical thing.


                    The pain increases, there's no release.
                    The silence is all I taste.
                    It's bitterness coats my drying throat.
                    This time is such a waste.

                    The moon shine enters through graying glass.
                    It's beams reflect the pain.
                    The sound of hunger beats all around.
                    Till the emptiness begins again.
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