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. and Mommy bought me red
patent leather shoes, and a
pink straw hat that she
hated, simply because I said,

     Dennis & Grandma

My Grandma doesn't bake me cookies,
She buy's them in the store.
Cause baking them takes too much time.
She likes playing with me more.

She knows how to through a baseball,
And climb the highest trees.
And when she takes me to the park,
She slides down the slide with me.

My Grandma comes to my house,
To play some games with me.
She gets right down onto the floor,
Just like she was only three.

Sometimes we pretend we are dinosaurs,
Or monsters from the lake.
We chase each other around the house,
You should hear the noise we make.

We run around until we're tired,
Then we lay down on the floor.
We watch our favorite TV shows,
Then we play a little more.

I've seen other grandma's,
 In books I read in bed.
They are always old,and have gray hair.
But my Grandma's hair is red.

She doesn't sit in a rocking chair,
To sing me to sleep at night.
She holds me and we dance around,
To a rock and roll lullaby.

I am my Grandma's best friend,
And also she is mine.
She loves me more then any one,
She tells me all the time.

When I grow up and go to school,
I know there will never be.
A friend as fun as Grandma,
To spend their time with me.

          When First I Saw You

In the moments of beginning, when no one else was near.
I fell in love with a stranger, that suddenly appeared.
We looked upon each other, he stared into my eyes.
And at that very moment, I knew that he was mine.
I watched as he lay there, staring back at me,
Reading all my thoughts, seeing what I see.
Blending with my soul, touching every part.
Holding me suspended, wrapping up my heart.
Our hands came together, touching through the glass.
I couldn't pull myself away, I wanted it to last.
He looked into my eyes again, telling me he knew.
That I would always be there, to tell his secret's to.

                    Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow !

The days of cartoons are over.  The dolls are all put away.
Wearing a dress to a party, is a memory from yesterday.
Replacing the candy and crayons, scattered all over the
Are tapes, lipstick and hair spray, mascara, liner and more.
The little girls who loved the stories, that I told to them
night after night.
Are falling asleep beneath headphones, with the door to
their bedroom shut tight.
The songs from the past are all silenced, their radios echo the sound.
That my babies have changed forever, into the women that are hanging around.

                   Amy, Growing Away !

     It seems like only yesterday that I sat beneath a
dream shrouded cherry tree
and envisioned tomorrow's too far away to clearly
see.  I watched you crawl around,
and examine the only side of life that you could
reach, discovery.
     I recall the way the sun shone through
that tree.  It bathed your golden, baby
tresses with magic light.  Those moments
drew to the surface my desperate love for
you.  The unending pictures in my mind
that showed the future, so far away from then,
that it seemed time was my friend.
    Now all of the years that I didn't have to see
yet are upon me.  The time has come
for the end of one story, to begin another.
Good-byes are here, and I find myself
reaching back into life deep holes to find the
remnants of yesterdays dreams.
     If I seem impatient at times, with all of the growing
things you have to do.  If
each time you pull away from my hold of childhood
I grab on and hold too tight.  Try
to understand, I am changing too.  There are new things
that I am discovering now,
just as you did in that long ago time.  I am learning the hardest thing I've ever had to in my life.  How to admit that my baby is a woman.  I am no longer the center of her life.
     From time to time, the realities of losing you to growing up are so frightening, so
all consuming, that it takes my breath away.  I begin to wish for childhood, and a
time when we were all there was in the world, and I didn't
have to share you.
     So on this,the beginning of the seventeenth year
of your life, I too am growing away, and I am frightened.
This is my good-bye to the little girl who needed to
be nurtured by my hand only.  I say farewell to the
years we've shared with one last child's toy.
     And I say hello to the woman you've become
with this gift of apology for holding on too tightly.
This is how I'm Showing you that I accept
the adult that you need meto see.
      I love you Amy, you have grown far
beyond all of those dream shrouded yesterday's.
Happy Birthday.


                       Courtney's Song !

For always and forever, you've been within our hearts.
In such a small amount of time, you've become the biggest part.
In all the time you've been here, we've felt a certain bond.
It couldn't feel any stronger, no matter how much time goes on.
                       Any time you need a friend,
                       To cheer away your tears.
                       Any thing we'll understand.
                       No matter what, we'll be here.
We've never had to wonder, we've always been quite sure.
That your our sister till the end, we wish we could, give you more.
Always we will love you, In any way you need.
Through all the time that's come and gone, the happy days,
the dreadful years.
                       Any time you need a friend,
                       To cheer away your tears.
                       Anything, we'll understand.
                       No matter what, we'll be here.
We never thought we'd love you, the way we
love the rest.
But in our lives, there was a place, and your
heart, fit the best.
We miss you and we love you, we're never far away.
No matter how many miles apart, in our minds,
you'll always stay.
            Close inside our memories,
             Deep within our hearts.
       We know real soon we'll meet again.
        That's the thing we're counting on.
           Any time you need a friend,
            To cheer away your tears.
          Anything we'll understand,
       No matter what, we'll be here.

We love you and we miss you..... after all.

                   All About Sons

Where have you gone to my babies?  When did you
spring from my knee?
How many years have gone by now?  That have
brought you to a place I can't see.
Remember the Saturday mornings, you'd
wake me to watch Scooby Doo?
We'd get out the Superman blankets.
As I recall, there were two.
We'd curl up on the big sofa.  The three of us
huddled down close.
Where no one could ever disturb us.  I remember
those simple times most.
I miss the Thanksgiving tradition.  We always
looked forward to.
Watching King Kong and Godzilla.  Just Freddy, me,
and you two.
The smell of the turkey would reach us, in the middle of
Mighty Joe Young.
The potatoes would be ready for mashing, as the songs of
Toy Land were sung.
You were hands full of pride and frustration.  There were times when you
made me so mad.
Then I couldn't wait till you grew up.  No that memory is making me sad.
But I can still look at my baby's, that left me a long time ago.
I just close my eyes and your little, and I'm still helping you grow.
There's never a moment that passes, I don't wonder, how didn't I see.
The fact that you grew up so quickly.
Into the men that I new you could be.


        Grandma's Lullaby

                    Hush my baby,
                Dry your eyes.
    While Grandma sings, your lullaby!
              Night time's here,
            Now close your eyes,
           Go to sleep, my baby!
    Lay your head upon the mound,
     Of pillows piled high around.
     Snuggle deep within my care.
        Soundly sleep my baby.
    Angels watch from up above,
Sending down their thoughts on love.
Dream sweet dreams while your asleep.
          Hush now my baby.
  As I watch your eyes close tight,
 And listen to your breath at night.
 I'll kiss your cheek, until you sleep.
       Soundly sleep my baby.
           Hush my baby,
            Dry your eyes.
 While Grandma sings your lullaby.
           Night times here,
         Now close your eyes.
        Go to sleep, my baby.


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