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Listen With Your Soul


The beauty of contentment, comes from deep within 
Your soul can soar like an eagle or flutter with a broken wing 
High above the heavens, floating on a cloud 
Reaching out for peacefulness, crying deep inside 

Listen to the universe, hear her cry arise 
Open up your arms and lift your spirits high
Carried with tranquility, held above your head
Filled with awesome wonder, words you should have said 

Hidden neath an ego, covered up with pride 
Words of love unspoken, held so deep inside
Let the rivers flow with water, watch the waves recede 
Splashing on the seashore, giving gifts we need 

Listen with your soul and hold it to your heart 
All the love you're feeling, like a candle in the dark 
Precious glow of warmth, to keep the cold away 
A tiny flickering fire, and you can make it stay 

Gather tiny morsels, like fishes in the sea 
Together they can make an ocean, filled with life we need 
Spread a blessing joyfully, share a gift from above 
Give yourself a blessing, we have a God of love