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I believe that Angels are not only from Heaven but are around us
in our everyday life.  Watching, Guiding and Teaching
All though we may not know it, i still feel we have all be touched by
an Angel at some point in our life ,
please be patient and let load first :o)

There are all types of Angels in this world and the next. Angels exist in story books, in our minds, on this earth, and in other realms that we choose to accept or not to accept. They are out there and have been documented in various ways at various times in this world.


Do they exsist???,,,,,,,,this age old question has been on the minds of all people for centuries. And is no stranger to this day and age either. In fact, we often find many a story dedicated to Angels of all sizes, shapes, and forms. The Question is whether we believe the stories or not.

Remember the Angel appearing to Mary? Or perhaps the Angel that appeared to Joseph in his dreams about taking Mary as his wife? Or when Gabriel appeared to Zacharias? There are many verses lest we forget that point in the direction of Angels to have existed.