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Dragons are beautiful mythical creatures


There are many terms used to refer to dragons, and incorrect terminology is often applied. Wyvern, hydra and firedrake, in fact completely different species, have all been mistakenly used. Common names include: orms, worms, wyrms, serpents, flying-serpents and winged snakes. Specific types of dragon include Peluda (a furred dragon that spits water), Tarasque, Guivre and Gargouille (another water-spouting dragon), one of which nearly destroyed Rouen in 520 AD), which are all from France; and Lindorms or Lyndwyrms in England. Other cultures have thrown up various names, such as the Persian Musshussu and the Irish Peist.


We in the West are, of course, familiar with the classical form of the common European dragon (Draco magnificens), a four-legged creature with a tough, scaly hide, an eagle's talons, a long sinuous tail and a reptilian snout crowned with a pair of horns. It has bat-like wings which spring from extended rib bones just behind the front legs.