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Welcome to my Adopted Angels


Welcome to my page for adopted Angels ,

i have collected these over a time now , and would like to raise awareness to everyone who visits my page ,,,

These Angels are to represent a life of a child which has been killed by a parent or guardian ....

{short description of image}......{short description of image}....

to adopt one of the above angels click on th link below

Angels in Heaven

These are the next set of Angels in my collection , again please dont take mine click on the link below the Angels and you will be able to adopt your own , the more adoptions the more awareness we can get .....THANK YOU

{short description of image}Betsy....{short description of image}Abbey....{short description of image}Josh.

{short description of image}Gypsy...{short description of image}Ellie ....

To get one of these Adopted Angels go to the link below

{link to pansys place}

{short description of image}

{short description of image}