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~~~Merry Christmas~~~

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My Special Christmas

It was the night before christmas,and Kayleigh was waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney. Waiting with her was her cat Biscuit and her special friends. They waited and waited but Santa never arrived. Suddenly an elf appeared. Kayleigh was surprised. "Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Goldentoe," the elf replied. He held out a foot. On it was a shoe made of gold. "see? A gold shoe. Santa's special helpers are Green Sweater, Purple Hair, Silver Eyes,Blue Nose and me. I am looking for someone to help Santa Claus right away." The elf hopped merrily out of the fireplace.

Goldentoe continued, "Santa said to look for a girl with a birthday in March.Kayleigh shouted, "thats when my birthday is " well said the elf you must be the one Santa had in mind for a special job. Can you come with me to meet Santa?"Oh yes," Kayleigh said, "May i bring my friends to.?"

"Sure you can bring them along," Goldentoe answered. "But there's no time to waste-- you have a job to do for Santa" Goldentoe led the children to the sleigh and tucked them in with the quilted blanketso they wouldn't get cold. Then off they soared. They travelled north. The lights of a town below made a criss cross pattern on the snowy ground. They passed over frozen lakes and forests. Below each pine tree had a thick topping of snow and looked like a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. " Not far now" Goldentoe called.

"Where's Santa Claus?" Kayleigh asked. He's busy, but he left a note for you," said blue Nose ."He wants you to go to five places and pick up something very important." "Will we go in Goldentoe's Sleigh?" Kayleigh asked.

"No. There's a special jet sled. It's over there." Blue Nose pointed to a sled that looked like a cross between a 747 and a flexible flyer. Blue Nose said "You'll drive it, but Goldentoe will go as a navigator. Good Luck Kayleigh."

They blasted off in the sled. First they soared over the Atlantic Ocean, then low over the hills of Scotland. They landed in a English village . The shops had a thatched roofs, and there were holly wreathes on each door. In every house Santa's new helpers could see Christmas trees aglow with twinkling lights.

Standing by the road wa Father Christmas, the English version of Santa Claus. Kayleigh went up to him and said, "my name is Kayleigh, and Santa said you had something for me." Father Christmas smiled "Did he ?" Well, come along with me ."

Father Christmas entered a warm, cozy cottage. There was plum puddings and christmas cakes and good things to eat on a big table. In the fieplace a large yule log was burning. Father Christmas looked around the room. He saw a big letter E by the fireplace. "Ah, there it is ," he said , and he picked it up. "Here, Kayleigh. This is what Santa wanted you to have." He handed the letter E to Kayleigh. "But what is it ?" Kayleigh asked .Anybody can see it's an E." Kayleigh was confused. "But what will i do with it ?" Father Christmas chuckled . "You'll find out."

The jet sled headed east,across the English channel. Golentoe pointed ahead and said,"That's Holland. The streets are pretty narrow, so lets land on the canal." Next to the canal, whom do you think they saw? It was Saint Nicholas.

Kayleigh landed the jet. She got out ,slid across the ice covered canal and went up to Saint Nicolas."Santa Claus said you had something for me," Kayleigh said. "And so i have ," Saint Nicholas replied. "Come with me down this backward street and i'll get it for you." Kayleigh thought the street looked very odd indeed. Everything was backwards.

Saint Nicholas walked along the backwards street until he found a C. He reached up and took it. "I want you to have this" he said. "C stands for christmas, but it has other meanings, too." Saint Nicholas smiled. "And now you'd best be on your way. I expect you have other people to see tonight." He waved goodbye , and the jet sled zoomed off for France.

The jet sled glided to a stop in a small French village, on a street called Rue Hgielyak "that looks familiar," said Kayleigh, pointing to the sign. Is that my name?" Goldentoe answered, "Yes. In France streets are named after people and places and even dates. It seems to me that whereever you go in the world, things always remind you of home ."

They found Pere Noel delivering toys to boys and girls. He stopped and stared closely at his visitors. "Ah," he said, "you must be the children that Santa Claus told me about . Well, I have something for you. Here it is." He handed them a large letter P .

As they started back to their sled, Kayleigh noticed a cafe with a familiar name Chez Kayleigh. "her friend told her ,"The french are famous for there food .

Goldentoe guided them back to their jet sled, and they took off for Germany."that looks like Kriss down there," said Goldentoe, When they were flying over a Bavarian village. They landed and Goldentoe led them to Kriss Kringle." Hi, old buddy," said Goldentoe. "here are some kids i want you to meet."

Kriss Kringle shook hands with Kayleigh. "Who are you, young woman, and where are you from?" "I'm Kayleigh , and i'm from Cleethopres, "by the looks of that your a long way from home ,"Kriss Kringle said "Yes," Kayleigh agreed.

"I have something for you," said Kriss Kringle. He rummaged in his pack and brought forth a letter A. Handing it to the children, he said "don't lose it. I'ts very important." He waved to them, and the jet sled whizzed into the air.

Kayleigh said, "Where are we going now?" Goldentoe replied, "To someplace very special. We're going to Russia." Kayleigh asked,"What do all these letters mean? I've got a C and an A and a P and a E. They spell CAPE."Goldentoe said,"well, there are capes that keep you warm . And Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope." "Yes," Kayleigh replied,"but what does this CAPE mean?"

The last stop was Russia. There they met Baboushka, the old woman who searches for ever and ever for the Three Wise Men. While she journeys, she rewards good children with presents at Christmas.

Without a word, she gave the children on the jet sled a letter E. Then she kept on with her long journey. Goldentoe pointed the jet sled northward, and they all began their trip home. Goldentoe said, "One way you can always get to the North Pole is to follow the Northern Lights. There they are now."

"See? I told you it was easy to find the North Pole," said Goldentoe. Kayleigh was surprised to see the Northern lights, Her friend was playing with the Letters. "I still don't see what they are for," they said.

"Santa Claus must know the answer," Kayleigh told them. Santa Claus was waiting for them when they arrived. At least Santa Claus would now the secret of the E,C,P,A and E.

Santa Claus greeted them warmly. Goldentoe said, "the children are wondering why you sent them to five different places in the world to collect some letters." Santa laughed."I bet they're wondering," he answered. "Come with me and i'll show you."

Santa took each of the letters and walked to a snow covered hillside."I thought you children would like to know one of the true meanings of christmas," he said,as he placed the letters in the snow. They spelled the word PEACE! Santa chuckled. "Peace. That's my Christmas wish to every boy and girl and their parents, too , in the whole wide world."

Goldentoe took Kayleigh home. When she got home there, Kayleigh discovered something wonderful. While they were on their trip, Santa had been in Cleethorpes. There were presents for Kayleigh and her friends. So Kayleigh not only received many presents, she learned one of the meanings of Christmas.It was the best Christmas Kayleigh ever had......


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