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You must use the logo's above and link back to BOTH:
Legend Designz at
Corey Wolfe at

Guidelines and Instructions:

Please provide a link back to us using the logo below so that others may find out about our site too!
It's very important that you not direct link/remote load directly to our graphics, please download to your hard
drive then upload to your own website server. We constantly change things and delete images from our server
and when that happens it would cause your pages to show broken images. Thank you :)

Please don't reconstruct, cut, copy, or in any other way change these graphics. You may add text to cards &
blank buttons only. Don't break up the sets (i.e. taking a welcome title from one and using it on a different
background). You don't have to use every part of the set on your page, just don't mix and match with other

Below you will find the link to download the entire zipped file for this set, it includes the html template
that you can use to set up your page to look like this one. Feel free to email us if you have problems,
questions, or concerns and we will get back to you asap!

This set also has an optional title which reads "Welcome" included in the zipped file.
Font: Ribbon
Artwork © Corey Wolfe


Here is a transparant image if you'd like to include floaters :)

Download Entire Zipped Set

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