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As You Sleep

As you sleep, as you dream
Do you feel my body next to you?
When your spirit soars, 
when your soul is deep in flight,
Do yuo see me along side?
As you think of me, do you hear my voice, 
Acrossthe distance, calling to you?
When you look in your heart, Do you see me there?
Look deep, look long,
For this is where I reside.
When you feel sad,
Do you take comfort in the love I send?
Companion, friend, confidante,
I am as you need, as you want.
And, if only in our dreams,
Can we share our lives,
Then that will suffice - 
Only in our dreams,
Can we be complete.



<bgsound src="ifiwere2.mid" loop="10"> Right Click on the icon to adjust sounds.
Original midi composition ©2001 by Bruce De Boer