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Meet me downtown on the corner,

I'll be waiting in a big old yellow cab,

Dont bring a suitcase,

You wont need a thing ,

There'll be no worries ,

Where Angels Sing,



I got my ticket in my hand,

Oh the price is paid in full,

No man can stop me.

Their words wont sting you,

No dreams to haunt me,

Where Angels Sing.



I get so weary,

On this troubled road,

Unlock these chains.

And gently rock me home,

Beyond the clouds and the rain..

Where Angels Sing...



Where lies cant hurt me,

The flesh desert me,

No in or out ,

No loss or doubt,

No living with or doing without ,

Where money aint the power king,

And kindness is the most precious thing.....

Where Angels Sing..........