Music that does or doesnt remind me of Sean and why

Sean-Affect Scale

0% to 100% 0 having nothin to do with Sean and 100 having everything to do with him! (i like those much more)


Ok, on this page are songs that remind me of Sean. They really do or dont remind me of him and in my explinations of why, I am telling the truth but with humor and comedy. I am not trying to act sexual or offend anyone in any way. Sorry if I have.


If you have a song that isnt listed on here and want my view on it, then email me and I will post it (or if there is a verse on one of the songs here that I didnt put up and you want to know you can email me). And also, even if the songs that dont remind me of Sean doesnt mean I dont like them. I am not saying that the artists singing them are bad, I am just saying that although i like the song, It doesnt remind me of Sean.
And also, All the new songs that I post are at the botttom of this page.

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Although I didnt start my Sean-Affect until the updated section at the bottom, but it still exists!

The songs that do remind me of Sean:

The Backstreet Boys song, "I want it that way"

Why? Well, the verse that says, "No matter the distance, I want you to know, that deep down in side of me, You are, my fire. The one, desire..." Sean is far away and since my desire is to meet him, the song kind of says that I want too.

Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger"

Why? The name of the song tells you right there. Beautiful Stranger. Sean is a beautiful stranger to me and the verse that says, "To know you, is to love love you, is to be part of you" For me, that is so true. That is the truth. I know him and in a way love him. He is part of my life every Tuesday and Thursday and every night when I watch my copy of "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss" So that song is very important.

Britney Spears's "Sometimes"

Why? Well, first of all, i think its a beautiful song and I am sure that Sean would feel the same way. But the verse that says, "But all I really want it to hold you tight, treat you right, be with you day and night..." I feel like I myself am singing that.

Nsync's "You drive me crazy"

Why? Well, like Madonnas "Beautiful Stranger", the title speaks for itself. No, I am not a sick wacko in a mental hospital, but he does drive me crazy. The whole song reminds me of him completely. But i like it when JC sings, "You drive me Crazy, Crazy, CRAZY!!"

The Spice Girls, "2 become 1"

Why? Well, this song is a pretty song, and the whole song reminds me of Sean too. But the verse that says, "Tonight, is the night, when 2 become 1. I need some love like I never needed love before. Wanna make love to ya baby." That verse really reminds me of Sean, and i guess i dont have to say why. The verse says exactly what I want to say.

Nsync's "Giddy up"

Why? Well truthfully, I havent memorized the song. Infact, i have only heard it once or twice. But, i do like the name but I wont get into that.

The Spice Girls's "Spice up your Life"

Why? Well, I would like to spice up my life with Sean, but that is besides the point. The verse that says, "When your feeling, sad and low, we will take you, where you gotta go...All you need is, Positivity...Colors of the world, Spice up your life; Every boy and every girl, Spice up your life; People of the world, Spice up your life." That is a long one but I can explain. The first part of it, well when I am feeling sad and low I will either remember an episode of "Will & Grace" that Sean really made me like and I will feel better. If I dont do that, I will watch Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and with him in it, I just feel better. The part that says all you need is positivity, well I have to stay positive that I will some day meet Sean. The rest of it, well I wish that people of the world and that means every boy and every girl will sooner or later learn about Sean and spice up their life when they do.

The Spice Girls, "Saturday Night Divas"

Why? Well, i like that name! The verses that remind me of him are, "Get down, deeper and down, get down get deeper and down, Saturday Night!...Keep your head up high, dont you know you are the super fly and that aint no lie..." I dont think I need to explain the get down part :-) But I will explain the second part. I want to keep my head up high so that I can meet him. But I want him to keep his head up high too because of a few reasons. 1, he is a super fly. 2, that aint no lie. and 3, No matter what media says i want him to keep his head up High because he is a great guy.

The Spice Girls, "Never Give up on the Good Times"

Why? Well the name again says it all. I would never give up on the good times, and the good times are watching Sean's acting. The verse, "Never give up on the good times, gotta belive in the love you find. Never give it up no never give it up noooo." That verse is so right. I wouldnt give up on the good times and I definately wont give up on meeting Sean. I will never give it up. I also want Sean to never give up on his good times either.

Cher's "The beat goes on"

Why? Well, the beat does go on. When ever I get to a dead end on meeting Sean, I tell myself the beat will go on and I try again.

The songs that Dont remind me of Sean:

Cher's "Believe"

Why? "No matter how hard I try, you keep pushing me aside and I cant break threw, theres no talking to you, So i am sad that you are leaving, it takes time to belive it. But after all, its said and done, your going to be the lonely one. Do you believe in love for love....I dont think you are strong enough." Those parts of verses dont remind me of Sean. I may try hard and if and when I meed Sean, he wouldnt just push me aside. So that means hopefully I will meet him and there will be talking to him. It isnt said and done that I wont meet him. I also think that Sean would be strong enough to do whatever he wants and so far he has prooved it.

TLC's "No Scrubbs"

Why? Well, first of all, Sean isnt a scrubb. The verse that describes a scrubb is, "A scrubb is a guy that thinks hes fly and is also known as a Buster. Always thinking about what he wants and just sits on his broke ass." Sean may think about what he wants but everyone should do that. And to me Sean is fly, but he doesnt drool over himself and he doesnt just sit around other wise he wouldnt be two things, a celebrity, and my favorite Celebrity.

TLC's "Waterfalls"

Why? "Dont go chasing waterfalls, just stick with the rivers and the lakes that your use to. I know your going to have it your way or nothing at all, but I think your moving to fast." I love the song, but Sean doesnt do drugs or anything bad. I dont think he is going to fast either though. He is moving fast threw fame and all, but that is a good thing.

These songs do and do not remind me of Sean:

Aalaiya's "Are you that somebody"

Why? The name is a hint but some of the song doesnt remind me of Sean. The verse, "Boy, I'll be watching you like a Hawk in the sky..." That verse sort of reminds me of Sean because I love to watch Sean on TV and in his movie. But the verse that says, "I thought that you were my friend..." That verse doesnt remind me of Sean in a good way. If I meet him, which if you didnt know i want to :-) I am sure he would be my friend but even if I dont meet him, we cant be friends if we dont know each other so I cant think that he is my friend.

Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca"

Why? I like the song, but parts dont believe me of him. The verse, "Shes in to superstition, black cats and voodo dolls...that girls going to make me fall.....She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain, she'll make you live a crazy life and she'll take away your pain...Woke up in New York City, in a funky cheap hotel. She took my heart and she took my money, she must have slipt me a sleeping pill...And once you've had a taste of love you'll never be the same." Thats long too and I will explain from top to bottom. First of all, the shes need to be changed to hes. Now, I dont know, but I am almost positive that Sean is not into voodo and black dolls and that kind of stuff. And if I met him, I dont think he would be mean to me so he wouldnt make me fall. Would he make me take my clothes off and go dancing in the rain? Whether i wanted him to or not I doubt it. BUT the part of making me live a crazy life and him taking a way my pain is kind of true. Yes, when I am sad and I think about him my pain is taken away. And like Nsync's song, "You drive me Crazy". Well he kind of drives me crazy but in a good way. Now, If I woke up in New York City, I really doubt it would be him that took me there. And even if he did I doubt it would be a cheap hotel. He may take my heart but he wouldnt need or want to take my money. Now the part about tasting love. Well I have in a way and I havent been the same. (wow, that one was long :-)

Britney Spears's "Baby one more time"

Why? I love this song and most of it reminds me of Sean, but some parts dont. The verse, "Oh baby baby, how was I suppose to know, that something wasnt right here. Oh baby baby, I shouldnt have let you go, and now your out of sight...Tell me baby cuz I need to know now oh because. My loneliness is killing me, and I, I must confess, I still believe still belive. When Im not with you I lose my mind, give me a sign. Oh baby baby, the reason I breathe is you...Theres nothing that I wouldnt do. Its not the way I planned it...I still believe that you will be here and give me a sign." Thats the longest. But I can explain from top to bottom. Ok if I was never going out with Sean, then i cant know if something is wrong and I also couldnt have let him go but believe me, I wouldnt. He isnt out of sight either other wise I wouldnt watch him every day. I know he cant tell me, but i wish he could tell me if I will ever meet him. My loneliness is killing me, but it is loneliness of not meeting Sean. I still believe however, that it will happen one day. The reason I breathe is you. Well, I breathe for two reasons, i have to other wise I would die, but I do breath because of him. He is an inspiration to me. There is nothing I wouldnt do to meet him. It is the way I planned it. I still believe that I will meet him and that some how he may give me a sign that I will.

These songs were emailed to me and want my opinion or they are new and I want to give my opinion:

Shania Twain's "That Dont Empress Me Much"

YES and NO

Every verse in the song that says what the guy does or what he is like, like about him being a rocket scientist, being as cute as Brad Pitt, having a car even do remind me of Sean. Those verses do remind me Of Sean because I am sure he has a ar, I think he is as cute as Brad Pitt, and since he is a genious at the way he acts, that tells me he is smart off the camera too. Now the verses that say "That Dont empress me much" and the ones that lead up to the verses above like, "You think your a genious, you drive me up the wall" and "your one of those guys that like to shine his machine and make me take my shoes off before you let me get in" and also "I never knew a guy that carried a mirror in his pocket a comb up his sleeve" Those verses dont really remind me of Sean for one reason. They all say he would be stuck up and I dont believe he is so no they dont remind me of Sean. So this song belongs in the ones that do and do not remind me of Sean.

Blink 182's "Whats My Age Again"


I have heard this song and I like it too, but the age they sing about is 23. Sean is 28 (I think) but even if he was 23, I wouldnt hate him like the song says, "No body likes you when your 23". So no, this song doesnt remind me of Sean.

Britney Spears's "Oops!..I did it again!"

YES and NO

Why? Ok. I havent heard this song completely threw, well I have but I dont remember all of it. But what I can remember, I can write about. "I think I did it again" Well. I would love to do it Sean! Well, actually I havent met him but I wish that I could and then I would want to do it again so you could say that it does remind me of Sean. But verses like, "I cried watching the day" and "But that doesnt mean, that Im serious" NO! I am serious, I just got to meet the man! And also, I dont cry when I watch Sean Hayes in anything, unless that is what he is trying to get his fans to do, which isnt often. So in the end, it is more of no, but a little bit of yes is in it. And if there are other parts of the song you want to know about, just send me an email and I will resond!

Nsync's "Bye Bye Bye"


Why? NO SEAN-AFFECT! Well, let me re phrase that...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO with some !!!!!. Because, I dont want to say BYE BYE BYE to Sean. Never never never. That is when I would cry, watching the day when that would Happen. Oh that just, ewwww. I dont like it. No, I love the song, dont get me wrong, but no. Cant say Bye Bye Bye to Sean. Sorry Nsync, your good artists with great songs, but I cant lie. It sucks if you dont want me to be reminded of Sean Hayes.

Geri Haliwell's "Look At Me"


Why? Because I will Look at Sean any day of the week. Sure, it says Look at "ME" but If Sean said it, it would refer to him So I have to say it reminds me of him. I mean, almost everything Geri says in this song reminds me of Sean, just everything, and if you have heard and like the song, you will know what I mean.

Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba"


Why? Ok. I truthfully, love this song. It kicks butt. But I cannot say that it reminds me of Sean because it doesnt, not in anyway. I mean, ok, maybe once or twice would I say, yea I would want to see Sean in a Porno Flick, but it wont happen and Im glad it wont because Sean wouldnt have to stoop to that level to make a living and also because its just not Sean. I want to see Sean do comedy, not porn. I mean, the lyrics though, just have no Sean-Affect on me, but like I said, I still love the song.

Korn's "Make Me Bad"


Why? Well, its really hard to say. I am not too familiar with all the lyrics, but with a title like that, who can resist a little bit of yes! Other than that, I cant say the song reminds me of him. Now then, I do like this song though, so Korn, dont get the wrong idea, or any of my readers for that matter. The song in my opinion is great, just doesnt have any Sean-Affect on me.

Christina Aquilera's "Geni in a bottle"


Why? Well, I will level with you. It is a little bit of no and yes. Mainly yes though! Ok. First of all, I would love it if I could just go and rub on a bottle and then out Sean Hayes would come! Oh that day would be pure and simple heaven. But lets get reasonable, that is magic and although I believe in magic, I dont think it will happen tomorrow. But it already has Sean-Affect on me!!! Here comes more Sean-Affect though! "...You gotta rub me the right way. If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true. Gotta make a good impression, gotta like what you do" Well. That refrain reminds me nothing but Sean! It means just what it says I mean. I would love to rub Sean the right way, and no. Not what it sounds like, just by saying Sean your my hero, but hey, either way is fine :-) And that would make my wish come true if I could meet him! And he makes a good impression on me. And also, if you are reading this and looking at my page, it is because you like Sean, so obviously, you like what he! Sean-Affect = 99 out of 100!

Christina Aquilera's "Turn to you"

YES and NO

Why? Well yes because when ever I am feeling sad or just down, I will turn to Sean. I put a Will & Grace tape in, or his movie Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss and then I will cheer up some. So thats why its a yes. But I havent actually heard the song. Now, I am sure I would love it if I did hear it and so it would be a WHOLE YES, but since I havent heard it, I can only say it has a 50/50 Sean-Affect.

Kid Rock's "Only God Knows Why"

YES and a little bit of no.

Why? Well, it does have alot of Sean-Affect on me. Infact, about a 87 out of 100 to be exact. Well, the reason is because I know that you all know why I want to meet Sean Hayes and why I made this website and all that, so the title of "God" isnt the truth really. But, like the song says, "So I think I'll keep on marching, with my head, held, High" I will do that. I am going to keep marching towards my goals in life, and as you all know, one of them is to meet Sean. Sure, it may never happen, but I have to be positive. And also when it says, "You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve" Well that part I think is so true, for everybody. I just think that Sean puts in so much into his work, for his fans and he deserves something special. He really does.

Korn's "Falling away from me"


Why? Ok, I will level with you again. It has about a 3 out of 100 Sean-Affect on me. Now, the 97 negative Sean-Affect is because I dont want Sean to ever Fall. Fall away from me if I knew him, fall away from his career at the highest points of it, or just fall physically. Now, the only reason there is a possible positive 3 Sean-Affect is because if Sean was to fall away from me, atleast he was with me to fall away from. But in the end, I still wouldnt want him to fall away from me. But remember, this is a good song so go listen to it!

Alan Jackson's "Chattahoochee"

YES and NO

Why? Well, "way down yonder on a chattahoochee, it gets hotter than a hoocheecoochee. we laid rubber on a Georgia asfault, got a little crazy but we never got caught. Down by the river on a friday night..." Thats why. I would love to be down by the river any night of the week with Sean, and get a little crazy too! Only difference is that I dont live, in Georgia. And dont go there so thats the only real no part. So this song has about a oh, 79 out of 100 Sean-Affect! That is still good though!!!!

M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This"


Why? NOOOO! I cant touch it, i mean this. No, im not trying to be sick, just funny. Truthfully though, this song doesnt remind me of Sean. I do like it, but I dont know how to sing it, which is fine with me, but the lyrics that I can understand have like, no affect on me. So this song, although I like it, has a 1 out of 100 Sean-Affect.

The All Saint's "Never Ever"


Why? Well, first of all, "Never ever ever ever felt so low, when you gonna take me out of this black hole?" See, when I feel bad, low, just down right pathetic, I will turn to Sean for him to cheer me up in his acting. Sean has that affect on people you know. The reason a no comes in to play is because it says Never Ever and I want to meet him, not never ever meet him. None the less, this song has a 90% Sean-Affect on me.

The Backstreet Boy's "Quit Playing Games With My Heart"


Why? Well look at it. Sean doesn't play games with my heart. He isnt that kind of person. I mean, sure. He cant play games with my heart due to the fact that we dont know each other in person, but you know, in my dreams he doesnt do it so there is no good Sean-Affect right there. 0% Sean-Affect to be exact.

The Backstreet Boy's "As long as you love me"


Why? OH GOD YES! I mean shello (spelling is right on shello), LOOK AT THAT GREAT TITLE! Oh, as long as Sean loves me. Actually, as long as I love Sean. Yes its true. I mean, no, I may have a crush, but that is all it is...a crush. Besides, the song is cool too. But more than that, this is a list of music that reminds me or doesnt remind me of Sean and this song REMINDS ME of Sean for sure. "I dont care who you are, where your from, dont care what you did, as long as you love me" I mean that just such a great line. I dont care what Sean does or where he is from or really who he is, except that I have to at the same time to know of him due to the fact that if he was just you know, an ordinary guy that doesnt Act for a living, I couldnt have my website. So in the end, this song has a 98% Sean-Affect.

The Backstreet Boy's "Larger than life"


Why? Well, for one thing, I do believe in god and he is the only thing Larger Than Life. He gave it to us and can take it away. BUT, I also believe that Sean is the second thing closest to being Larger than life. "I may run and hide when your screaming my name all right. But let me tell you know there are prices to fame, all right...All you people cant you see cant you see. How your loves affecting my reality. Everytime were down, you can make it right. And that makes you larger than life" That says alot of truth. Now then, that may be one of my only defaults in my Sean Quest. I am sure that most stars, him included, may run and hide sometimes just to get away from it all. Because think about it. All stars are surrounded by people and the people think, oh they are so lucky and not alone they have our love. But that can make a celebrity feel lonely. And thats what makes it a little bit of a no answer, but this is still mainly a yes. However, Whenever I am down Sean can make it right and that just boosts this Sean-Affect all the way up to a 89%!

Mariah Carey's "Hero"


Why? Well lets look at the facts. Hero.., hero. Yea, thats it. Sean is my hero. It says that on my main page if you read my paragraph there. And "There's a hero, if you look inside your heart. You dont have to be afraid, of what you are. Theres an answer, if you reach into your soul, and the emptiness you felt, will disappear. And then a hero comes along. With the strength to carry on. And you cast your fears aside, cuz you know you can survive. So when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong. And you'll finally know the truth, that a hero lies in you. Its along road, when you face the world alone. No one reaches out a hand, for you to hold. You can find love, if you search within you self, and the sorrow that you felt, will melt away. And then a hero comes along....Lord knows, dreams are hard to follow. But dont let anyone, tear them away. Hold on, there will be tomorrow. in time, you'll find the way..." OH YOU GO MARIAH CAREY GIRL YOU! That is such a beautiful song. I am telling you. And now I will go from top to bottom. First of all, like I said, Sean is my hero, my idol. And I do keep a place for him in my heart. Sure, its not like a he is my lovers place, but he has captured a place with his acting. Secondly, I am no longer afraid of being gay myself because of Sean. I am not afraid of what I am. I have realized there was an answer to it when I searched for it, and the emptiness went away when I accepted it, and got out of the closet. Well who knows, maybe my hero will come along one day. And he obviously has the strength to carry on in no matter what he does. And i did cast my fears aside and now know I will survive. And whenever I feel like I wont meet him, I just think of him, and it just makes me strong. And so, sure, Sean doesnt live right next door, but his spirit is with in me, with in all of us if you are a fan of his, a true fan, like my friend Brandy. And yea, it is a long road, facing the world alone. Meaning its hard on you to go through life, the teen years being gay. Its hard. You feel alone. And Sean, all celebrities feel alone sometimes no matter how many fans they have. And lord does know I feel sure what I, what we all go through too. And our dreams can be hard to follow. but for me, Sean has opened a new path. And so, I have no choice. THANK YOU SEAN. And this song has a 100% Sean-Affect on me.

Nsync's "It's Gonna Be Me"


Why? Simple. It's a yes because think about it, ITS GONNA BE ME! I am going to Be Seans! Ok, enough said for that reason. But the no comes in because the song, and I love the song, but it refers to a couple that have been together and then have an argument and the guy says "when you finally fall in love, guess what, its gonna be me!" Well I can only wish that it would be me, but in reality, chances are pretty slim, so thats where the no comes in so this song has a 43% Sean-Affect!

New Songs!

Britney Spears's "Stronger"

A little bit of YES but mainly NO

Why? Well its like this. Britney, you did it again again in the music industry, but in my Sean-Affect industry, you aren't topping the chart, atleast not with this song although I love it and you, its just not ringing high on the Sean scale. Ok, "Hush Just Stop, theres nothing you can do or say, baby. I've had enough, Im not your property, baby..." Ok those are great lines but not in the Sean Affect booklet of mine. I dont want him to hush and just stop doing anything because I and millions of other fans love what he does. And anything Sean can do and say is great I think and I haven't had enough and ok, maybe i wouldn't Mind being Sean's property but what can I do to get that you know? Now, the refrain of the song, the Stronger part, does remind me a little big of Sean because when I fail to meet him today, or just get closer to it, it just makes me want to meet him even more and I am stronger in wanting that. So, this song has a 32% Sean-Affect.

98 Degrees's "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)"


Why? Well it's like this. I would love it if Sean could give me just one night in person to say hi or hug or hand shake or chat or anything like that you know? So get that sick thought out of your mind, although I guess....opps! Seriously, I like the song but I'm not too familiar with the lyrics so I cannot really go into farther detail at this time...but at this time the song has a 84% Sean-Affect.

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