The Smiths Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Listed as they were aired in the U.S and Australia

The pilot episode
Created and written by Kerry Lenhart and John J Sakmar
Director: David S Jackson
Additional Cast

Timothy Olyphant as Scooby
Julia Miller as Jeannine
Peter Lohnes as Stanley Duke

Mr. Smith is a handsome,successful espionage agent who works for a company called The Factory that specialise in protection
Thermacore Laboratories are after Stanley Duke, a physicist who has
discovered cold fusion in a bottle. People want his research and want him killed.Mr. Smith has to prevent Stanley from being pursued.He suddenly encounters "Mrs. Smith" a beautiful spy who is working on the same case but for a rival company.They are both suspicious of one another but end up working on the same team. There are some terrific action scenes in this episode with a car chase and Mr. Smith riding a skateboard, hooked on to the back of a bus, dressed in a tuxedo

The Suburban Episode

Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
Directed by: Oz Scott

Additional Cast

Steven Ford as Frank Parker
Ellen Wheeler as Arlene Parker
Linda Gehringer as Fran McKerry

Mr and Mrs Smith pose as husband and wife Mark and Jennifer Smith in the suburbs. Someone is selling artificial system access codes to the Department of Justice. A neighbour, Frank Parker is under suspicion.Mr and Mrs Smith move in next door to him to find out what is going on. The fun and games start as Mr and Mrs Smith try not to blow their cover as a typical happily married suburban couple as they investigate this case. Everything must appear as normal, but the Smith's do not always agree.This episode is action packed and fun filled

The Second Episode

Written by: Kerry Lenhart and John J Sakmar
Directed by : Ralph Hemecker

Additional cast
Ramy Zada as Kasakis

Stinger missiles have to be found before they fall into the hands of terrorists.A Greek tycoon,is about to make a deal. Mr and Mrs. Smith have to track down the shipment of Stingers and remove all the guidance chips. Mrs Smith, cunningly becomes a guest of Mr Kasakis on his yacht, enjoying all the comforts while Mr Smith becomes a stowaway. Look out for Scott in disguise.

The Poor Pitiful Put Upon Singer Episode

Written by: Del Shores
Directed by: Nick Marck

Additional Cast

Aida Tuturro as Rox
John Getz as Karl Hansen
Jeff Conaway as Rich Edwards
Angela Teek as Joelle

Scott Bakula showcases his musical talent in this episode. The Smiths help Rich Edwards(the owner of Shanty Records) after an attempt to kill him by poisoning his drink is made. A former client of his, Joelle, who is now a successful singer wants to end her contract with MNA records and record for her friend, Rich, again. MNA, however have hired a Company that deals in corporate terrorism to stop this. The Factory's Mr. Big [Roy Dotrice] also assigns Rox, a computer expert, to help the Smiths. Rox has "the hots" for Mr. Smith. Mrs. Smith does some of her own spying on Mr Smith. She is impressed to learn that not only can he sing and play guitar but is a pianist as well. One of the highlights, besides Scott's song and piano solo is Scott disguised as a red wigged nerdy lowly assistant to Maria disguised as a top executive.

The Grape Escape Episode

Written by: Susan Cridland Wick
Directed by: Daniel Attias

Additional Cast
Louis Giambalvo as Alfredo

The Smiths have to trace the origin of some genetically altered insects that were discovered by US Customs, bound for Italy. These insects are capable of destroying entire vineyards and Mr and Mrs Smith travel to Italy to stop whoever it is breeding these insects. Mr.Smith does some of his own spying on Mrs Smith before they are assigned in this episode. Mrs Smith rents a storage space and it is here that Mr Smith discovers a few little secrets. One highlight is Scott and Maria dressed as Monks, crawling around the floor trying to find a tiny bug. The other, of course is their dance together at the Vineyards. One of my personal favorites.

The Publishing Episode

Written by: Douglas Steinberg
Directed by: James Quinn

Additional Cast

Tammy Lauren as Meg Andrews
David Burke as Dauphin
Francois Guetary as Sebastian

Mr. Big informs the Smiths that a book has been written by a British spy named Anthony Steed. The manuscript contains information about many spies, including Mr and Mrs Smith and it could be dangerous. Mrs Smith poses as a literary agent and Mr. Smith as a nerdy Professor, author of Gardening books. Their mission is to ensure the book doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Both Mr and Mrs Smith are again curious about each others past. Each of them would like to find and read the manuscript first. I especially enjoyed Scott's scene with the plant in the elevator.

The Coma Episode

Written by: Douglas Steinberg

Directed by: Michael Zinberg
also worked on Quantum Leap as Director of photography

Additional Cast:
Dorien Wilson as Lance Mcquade
Natasha Pavlovich as Natasha Pavlovich
James Calvert as Bobby Shetfell
Vince Ricotta as Illya

Bosnian peace talks are scheduled to take place but there are terrorists who will try and sabotage the event. Natasha Pavlovich[whose actual name is NATASHA PAVLOVICH] knows the identity but cannot help the Smiths as she is in Intensive Care, lying in a coma. Mr. Smith goes undercover as a Doctor and Mrs Smith as a coma patient. The terrorists want Natasha killed. One highlight is where Mrs. Smith is attacked and is unable to breathe properly. Mr.Smith dashes to her aid to save her life and performs an improvised emergency operation.
Added note: Natasha Pavlovich worked with Scott Bakula before in an episode of Quantum Leap. She played Marina, the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Kidnapping Episode

Written by: Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess

Directed by: Sharon Miller

Additional Cast:
Meg Foster as Athena
Belinda Montgomery as Amy Pitzer
Jim McMullan as Randolph Pitzer

The head of Pitzer Pharmaceutical Company is kidnapped. The ransom is a "Smart Drug" that the Company is researching. The Smiths have to find out who knows about this drug and who wants it. Some very painful memories from Mr. Smith's past plague him in this episode.
Added note: Meg Foster also worked with Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap. She played Laura Fuller in Trilogy.

The Spaceflight Episode

Written by: Michael Cassutt

Directed by: Lou Antonio

Additional cast:

Timothy Omundson as Craig Thompson Jim Antonio as Colonel BudThompson

Mr and Mrs. Smith have to try and trace the estranged son of Colonel Thompson. The Colonel's son, Craig is working for a former military colleague of his who has a secret army base situated near the Area 51 site in New Mexico. Craig has built a"beam rider" [spaceship] and intends to use laser rays to power it. However, the terrorists he's working for want to use his invention to their own advantage. They want to deploy a weapons satellite. The Smiths have to find the son and stop the plan.The Smith's actually get handcuffed and locked in the spaceship which is ready for launching. . There is definite mutual attraction between the Smiths in this episode but again they restrain their feelings for each other. A highlight of this episode for me is the opening scene with Scott disguised as an Italian artist and Maria disguised as an English photographer. Scott speaks in a very convincing Italian accent and Maria uses a great cockney accent ["Oh, blimey"]I though Scott was just wonderful the way he pranced around in a very extravagant manner.One of my favourites.

The Big Easy Episode

Written by: Del Shores

Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.
also directed several Quantum Leap episodes

Rox (Aida Tuturro) makes a welcome return in this episode. Mr and Mrs. Smith are in New Orleans, posing as spin doctors for a senator. However they are really there to help Melissa, the daughter of a client who has been sent to prison after being set up by the Senator with whom she had an affair.The Smiths discover that someone is selling Government documents to the Iraqi's.Mrs. Smith is intrigued by Mr. Smith's knowledge of New Orleans and the accent he is using, so with the help of Rox tries to find out all she can on Mr. Smith, including his childhood.

The Impossible Mission Episode

Written by: Kerry Lenhart and John J Sakmar

Directed by: Artie Mandelberg

Additional Cast:

David McCallum

The Smiths are assigned to help switch stolen currency plates. A meeting is taking place in the suite of a grand hotel where another Factory agent [Mr. Jones] is present, working undercover. When Mr. Jones's partner is shot, Mr. Smith takes over from where she left off. He has to slide through the air vents of the Hotel to make the switch. The Smiths encounter many obstacles as they try to switch the real bag for the fake one. Mr & Mrs Smith enjoy this mission as they make many narrow escapes. This is another personal favourite of mine. I enjoyed Mrs. Smith's portrayal of a Spanish Housekeeper and Mr. Smith's journey through the air vents
Added Note: Christopher Rich also worked with Scott on Murphy Brown

The Bob Episode

Written by: Sanford Golden
Directed by: Jonathan Sanger

The Smiths and a CIA agent [a close friend of Mr. Big's] lose a ball of Plutonium 239 due to the interference of Bob Myers, an old friend of Mr. Smith's.The plan that should have worked, backfired.The Plutonium ball that Mr. Smith thought was fake is real and Idris escapes with it. He can now build an atomic bomb if he wants to. Idris and his brother are Middle Eastern explosive experts and trained killers. Now because of his friendship with Mr. Smith, Bob's life is in serious danger. The Smiths must retrieve the Plutonium and keep Bob from being killed. Mr. Smith devises a plan where he himself is set up to be killed.Mr. Smith's real name is revealed.

The Sins of the Father Episode
Written by: Michael Gleason
Directed by: Rob Thompson

Mr. Smith disappears during a mission and leaves Mrs. Smith hanging when he finds out that his son has been kidnapped by an old adversary. This takes him to Geneva where his son is being held captive.He is determimed to retrieve his son. Mrs. Smith is alarmed and concerned about not only the boys safety but Mr. Smith as well.So she follows him. Mr. Smith has to deal with some painful memories and discloses some of his past to Mrs. Smith and it is in this episode that she confides in Mr. Big and reveals her feelings for Mr. Smith. A gripping episode.

This wonderful series was cancelled before the last four were even aired in the U.S. It was taken off too suddenly before it even had a chance to gain any decent ratings. All thirteen episodes were aired in Australia but it only ran once on Channel 9 and it was then sold to Optus Cable Network. If the show had of been allowed to continue, the powers that be, would have realised the potential of this show. The production and fine acting is clearly evident.

Credit to Project Quantum Leap's magazine, The Observer

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