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"It was filled with variety. We had so
much fun doing the different shows every week.
Working with Dean[Stockwell] was such a pleasure
and we laughed so much.It was extremely
difficult to do. I likened it to running
a marathon every year.It was interesting to
see who was standing by the end in
March. But it was worth it because the
work was good and it was something to
be proud of"

[Source, XPOSE magazine,#31, Feb.1999]

All Americans
"There is a lot of me in Sam.
Don Bellisario wrote a character that attracted me
to it and attracted him to me"
[Starlog, Ian Spelling, 1991]

Scott's starring role on Quantum
Leap began in 1989.

Scott won the role of Doctor Sam Beckett,
the brilliant Quantum Physicist who by error is
trapped in the past. His only contact with
his own time is through brainwave transmissions with
Admiral Albert Calavicci,played by the wonderful Dean

"Dean and I are like two kids
unwrapping a present every time we get
a new script.We're given new challenges
every week and it's showing no signs
of getting old for either of us"

[Starlog magazine,Dec.1991]

Ghost Ship

Scott talks about his role as the
altruistic Sam Beckett.

"I like his values and I like his
relationships with people around him"
[Starlog, Ian Spelling]
"The whole series is me getting into other
peoples lives and relating with the people in
that person's life. I like that a lot"
[Starlog, Ian Spelling]

"You can let your imagination run riot every
day. The show taps into an actor's fantasy
of doing things that you've never dreamed of
"I never know from day to day what
sort of character I'll be playing. And I
love it. It's an actor's dream job"
[British publication, 1992]

Permanent Wave The Wrong Stuff Heart Of A Champion
Scott received a Golden Globe for his work
on Quantum Leap and was Emmy nominated four
times for best actor. He also won four
consecutive VQT Awards for his work on Quantum
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The Leaping of The Shrew A Leap For Lisa Genesis,pilot episode
Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald Roberto, Sam proceeds to strip in front of a live television audience
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The Boogieman Poor Sam's aching back after Maxine had finished with him.A Hunting We Will Go Running For Honor
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Liberation Liberation, oh no, what's he thinking of
Liberation, oh no, he's actually kissing me on the lips
Doctor Ruth Genesis,pilot episode A Portrait For Troian

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