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In 1994, Scott displayed his talent as an
actor singer and dancer in a TV variety
special called Men,Movies and Carol.
Scott starred alongside Carol Burnett,
Barry Bostwick, Michael Jeter and Tony Bennett

Men, Movies and Carol ~ 1994

Scott had a recurring role as Peter Hunt,
FYI reporter on Murphy Brown in 1994.
Peter eventually became Murphy's romantic interest.
He made thirteen episodes and won a VQT
Viewers for Quality Television award for best specialty

Murphy Brown ~ 1994

Ticket To Writhe Reporters Make Strange Bedfellows,Scott Bakula & Candice Bergen Scott Bakula & Grant Shaud
Rumble In The Alley
The Thrill Of The Hunt
The Young And The Rest of Us Scott Bakula & Faith Ford, The Young And The Rest Of Us Scott Bakula & Faith Ford, The Young And The Rest Of Us
Rumble In The Alley Corky's kiss, Bah Humboldt ep. The Thrill Of The Hunt
Rumble In The Alley Ticket To Writhe The Thrill Of The Hunt

Scott guest starred on the TV comedy series
Dream On with Brian Benben in 1994.
The episode "The Taking of Pablum 123" was
a two part episode where Scott played one
half of a kidnapping duo. Jamie Gertz also
guest starred.

Dream On ~ 1994 [2 part episode]

Baseball World Series ~ 1993

Baseball World Series ~ October 1993
Scott sang the National Anthem at the 1993 Baseball World series
He sang the Anthem again at a Hockey
in Los Angeles

The Importance Of Being Wilde ~ Nov 11th,1995
Forum Theater, Thousand Oaks. CA

Scott appeared with Malcolm Macdowell in the play
"The Importance Of Being Wilde" This play was
performed to raise funds for the school where
Malcolm's and Scott's children attended

Anyone Can Whistle ~ Carnegie Hall,April 8th, 1995

Scott starred in an Aids benefit concert along
with Angela Lansbury, Madeline Kahn and Bernadette Peters
in the musical Anyone Can Whistle.Music and
lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.Scott is a great
admirer of Sondheim's musicals.The CD recording was
Grammy nominated for best cast album.

"A Tuxedo With Sneakers"

Scott decided to wear an unorthodox costume of
a tuxedo and sneakers for his performance of
Doctor J. Bowden Hapgood. Scott described the character
as "a very loveable idiot savant"
"Hapgood was a looney. You don't have anything
to work with in these concerts and if
I'd come out with just a tuxedo, I
would have looked like everybody else"

[Source: magazine article "A Tuxedo With Sneakers, The Playful Style of Scott Bakula"
The Sondheim Review written by Paula Vitaris, 1995/96]

Above picture scanned from CD cover

"Come Play Wiz Me" was cleverly choreographed.
Scott Bakula and Bernadette Peters performed the
entire song as they skilfully manouvered around
the whole stage while sitting on chairs.
Above pictures scanned from The Sondheim Review

The Hollywood Bowl ~ 1996
Scott and Carol Burnett performed together again, this
time at the Hollywood Bowl. Scott was invited
by Carol Burnett for the grand finale singing
a tribute to all the great Hollywood musicals.

Cats Don't Dance ~ 1997

Cats Don't Dance was an animated feature that
Scott provided the singing and speaking voice for
the lead cat Danny

Love Letters ~ June 12th, 1999
Scott appeared with Chelsea Field in a play
called Love Letters, written by A.R Gurney at
the Alex Theater, Glendale, L.A
A benefit for the Arthur McCready Charitable Trust
Proceeds to aid orphaned and disadvantaged children in
America and around the world.

You Gotta Have Friends ~ February 24th, 2001
Scott and Chelsea Field sang and danced in
a benefit for the Musical Theatre Program at
Hamilton Academy of Music,Norman J Pattiz Concert
Hall, in Los Angeles. All reports said that
Scott and Chelsea's performances were spectacular.

Scott and Chelsea
Hamilton Benefit ~ 2001
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Enterprise. The fifth Star Trek series

Paramount Studios announced on May 13th,2001
after almost two months of negotiations that Scott
Bakula would be Captain of the fifth
and newest Star Trek series.
The cast of Star Trek Enterprise
Dominic Keating, Jolene Blalock, Anthony Montgomery
John Billingsley, Linda Park, Connor Trineer,
Scott Bakula (seated)

For a site devoted to Scott's character,Captain
Jonathan Archer, visit my site, Archer Online

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