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Entertainment Tonight ~ July 2001

Scott conducted a tour of the
Enterprise spaceship for E.T and talked
about his upcoming role as Captain
Jonathan Archer in the fifth Star
Trek series, Enterprise

Biography magazine ~ 2001

TV Zone ~ August 2001

Starburst ~ September 2001

Creative Arts Emmy Awards ~ Sept.09 ~ 2001
Scott was a presenter at these awards
with Bernadette Peters

Entertainment Tonight ~ October 2001
with director[What Girls Learn premiere] Lee Rose

The View ~ October 2001

Scott and Chelsea at Life As A House premiere

Interview with Entertainment Tonight ~ Oct~ 2001

Life As A House Premiere

Captain Jonathan Archer
Starlog ~ December 2001

"I feel you learn by just doing things.
The help I might give to the other
young actors is more outside the realm of
the actual shooting, because I don't presume to
tell people how to do their work. If
there is any kind of help going on
it's more about life stuff and what may
happen and what they may expect from being
part of a big show"

Starlog ~ December 2001

Anthony Montgomery, Dominic Keating,Jolene Blalock,
Scott Bakula, Linda Park, John Billingsley,Connor Trineer

"My focus has been and continues to be
on the making of the show - getting fans
who love Star Trek to love this incarnation
and bringing new fans to the franchise. Those
are my first goals and the way to
achieve them is to do good work every

Starlog ~ December 2001

"I wanted to do Enterprise but I wanted
to feel that I was making a good
deal and that everybody was going to work
together to make this a good experience. That
takes time, and it's somewhat out of the
norm in this business"

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ~ Feb ~ 2002

Rosie O'Donnell Show ~ February 2002

Extra ~ April 2002

Scott and Dean joke together.
Interview prior to the screening
of "Detained", the Enterprise episode
that Dean guest starred in

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