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"We have incredibly avid fans. It is overwhelming
at times.. but now we kind of roll
with it. It turns out that people really
have a respect for the show, not just
for Dean and myself, but for the show.
They love the whimsy of it and the
meaning of it's stories and concepts".(St. Louis
Dispatch, Erik Mink, 1992)" It's amazing to be
part of the Leapers phenomenon. The fans take
a more gentle approach to us and the
show... our experiences have never been less than
[Philadelphia Inquirer, 1992]

Above picture from Starlog magazine,1991
Photo by Zade Rosenthal
Necessary Roughness

"I'm a fan of fantasy. Things like
"Time Tunnel" and "Star Trek" are great.
But fantasy isn't that important to me
because being an actor is already like
living a fantasy.It's all flash,glitz
and let's pretend.Being on Quantum Leap
however gives that sense of fantasy a
real boost because on that show I'm
always out there in make believe land"
[Starlog magazine,Dec,1991]

One On One ~ 1991

Arsenio Hall Show ~ 1992

VQT Awards ~1992
Scott won four consecutive
VQT (Viewers For Quality Television) awards for his
role of Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap and
one for his recurring role as FYI reporter,
Peter Hunt in Murphy Brown

Golden Globe, 1992
Scott received his Golden Globe in 1992

Jay Leno Jay Leno Jay Leno

The Tonight Show ~ Jay Leno

Scott rehearsing Quantum Leap

Scott ~ Wizards Night Club ~ 1993

In 1993, Scott performed a small concert for
a gathering of his fans for the launching
of the Quantum Leap album and videos at
Wizards Night Club. Scott sang some of the
songs from the album,Blue Moon Of Kentucky,
Somewhere In The Night, Fates Wide Wheel and
Baby, Let's Play House

Mike and Matty Show ~ 1995

Scott participated in Celebrity Hockey Games
These games were organised to raise money for Charity.

"For me, hockey is a great emotional
and physical release. I go on the
ice with pressures on my mind but
once I'm finished, I'm exhilarated. I'll walk
out of the rink,my adrenaline all
pumped. I'm like a kid until the
next morning when I wake up aching"
"I skated out in front of this
sold out crowd and tried to stop.
But I lost my balance and crashed
down on my back. Everybody got a
big kick out of it - including my
daughter who was attending her first hockey game"

[In Style magazine,Michael Kaplan]

Game Night

LA Kings Hockey Team mag.

Playgirl cover~ 1995
Photos by Greg Gorman

Scott appeared on the cover of Playgirl magazine
with an article about him including several pictures

Photos by Greg Gorman

"It's important to have perspective in this
business because it's so easy to lose
it. My family has always been so
great because that's always been a great

[Playgirl magazine,March,1995]

Playgirl magazine, 1995
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"Any day you can be out in
nature is a great day"

[Playgirl magazine,March ~ 1995]
"There was talk about how to make
Sam[Beckett] sexier. I said "Look, Sam
is Sam. Sam isn't Scott and if
you try and make Sam Scott, I
think you'll lose a lot of the
charm of who Sam Beckett is. There's
something in a lot of women that
would definitely like to take a naive
guy like [Sam Beckett] and educate him
as it were"

[Playgirl magazine,March 1995]

Pet Day Ceremony ~ 1995

Picture from Starlog magazine,March,1995
Photo by Karen Ogle

Scott Bakula and Clive Barker joked a
lot on the movie set about their
respective fans coming to the theaters to
see "Lord Of Illusions"
Scott"The big
joke was that my fans will wear
white and sit on the left side
of the movie theater and Clive's fans
will be dressed in black and sit
on the right side. My fans will
pay admission and come in the front
door and Clive's will sneak in through
the back door"

Clive Barker with Scott

"I don't have any outlandish character traits
or style. I just kind of do
my own thing. Maybe it hurts me
that I'm not as flashy or trashy
as some other people out there. I'm
not going to change that. It would
be too false for me to become
some other person to get attention"

[Detour magazine,1995]

"The Grand Poobah leader of Quantum Leap fans"

[Detour magazine, 1995]

Detour magazine ~ 1995

ESPY Awards ~ 2.10.97
Scott presented these awards with model Tyra Banks

Vibe ~ 1998
Scott was a special guest on this
show promoting his feature movie, Major League,
Back To The Minors. The comedian Sinbad
hosted the show and he also appeared
in the film Necessary Roughness with Scott

Rosie O'Donnell Show

National Hate Test ~ 5/2/98

Scott participated in this program that showed
the intolerance that some people can have
towards the handicapped

Tom Snyder Show

Howie Mandel ~ 2.04.99

Donny and Marie Show ~ 2000

Women To Women ~ 2000

Photo courtesy of Quantum Quest, the UK Fan

Taken after an interview they did with
Scott the very next day after his Love
Letters performance in June, 1999.

E Celebrity ~ 2000

Politically Incorrect ~ February ~ 2001

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