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Congrats to both Sasha Cohen on her Silver Medal and Sarah Hughes on her Bronze Medal at the US Nationals. YOU GO GIRLS!!!! Good Luck at Worlds!!!

A sad note to all Sasha fans. Sasha will not be going to the World Championships in Nice because she failed to medal at Junior Worlds. She got second in her qualifying. In the short program she ended up in 7th place and after moving herself up to 5th in the free she placed 6th overall. Angela Nikodinov last years Bronze Medalist and this years Four Continents Champion will be taking her place. I still love Sasha though.

This page is dedicated to two of America's rising stars in skating. Click on the one you want to go into.

Sasha Cohen
Sarah Hughes
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Last week's poll: What do you think Sarah Hughes will get at Worlds? Top 5 - 40% Top 3 - 28% Top 10 - 12% 7th - 12% 1st - 4% Last - 4%

Sasha Cohen Poll
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