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Selamat datang di Bagian Jurnal Akuntansi, Disini Anda Dapat memperoleh informasi tentang Akuntansi, serta bagian ini dapat membantu para mahasiswa yang sedang menerjakan tugas-tugas atau pun tugas akhir (skripsinya) di sini.

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The Balanced Scorecard Institute is an independent, nonprofit source of information about applications of the balanced scorecard approach to management in government and other nonprofit organizations


To provide web-based guidance, information and tools to government and nonprofit managers as they attempt to design and implement measurement-based management in state, local and federal government environments. To be a web clearinghouse for managers to exchange information, ideas and lessons learned in building strategic management systems using the balanced scorecard approach.


The balanced scorecard, a strategic management concept developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, has shown successful results in many private-sector companies, as well as in some government organizations. But in governmental settings, outcomes are based on mission success rather than profit. How can the balanced scorecard concept be adapted to fit this setting? In an era of downsizing and outsourcing, government has not been the first priority of consultants and vendors who provide business engineering services to companies. Therefore this web site has been developed, to provide a central source of balanced scorecard information applicable specifically to nonprofit settings. This site is by and for government managers who need to deploy strategic plans and improve their strategic performance. It is hoped that this site will draw upon the ideas and experience of managers and technologists at all levels of government and other organizations.

NEW! The Balanced Scorecard Institute now offers its own training seminars in the balanced scorecard and related subjects through an alliance with the Foundation for Performance Measurement. These cost-effective seminars can be provided directly to your team, anywhere in the world.  For further information please write here.


The balanced scorecard can provide a comprehensive foundation for organizational management. But although the balanced scorecard can form the foundation for strategic success, it is not sufficient in itself. Along with strategies, there must be initiatives, such as business process improvement efforts, to steer the organization in the right direction and improve efficiency. Some of these additional management activities are described here. These articles will provide you with some examples of how the balanced scorecard approach can benefit your organization's mission and reduce operating cost.

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