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 Alexander "Screech" Waldon
 Alexander "Screech" Waldon

            Screech was born in VanNeice, Los Angeles in 1978 to a Son of ether and a Cultist of Ecstasy. He led a fairly sheltered life and had a fairly strict upbringing. His only real role models were his parents cabal members. Despite being awakened from an early age, his parents tried to assimilate him into normal society by sending him to normal schools and making sure he had a lot of Normal friends. It was not his early awakening that caused Screech problems but rather the fact that he is an extremely gifted mathematician. He lacked application and found the schoolwork was not challenging. The other kids at school typically resented the "smart kid" and in the end Screech skipped school frequently causing his grades to suffer severely.
            Sadly one day when Screech was fourteen he came home from school "early" top find four black Cadillac's parked outside his house. He turned around and left never to return home. (Following the instructions his parents had given him previously).
            He hitchhiked to Colorado and sought out his parents' cabal-mate Angelo DeCarlo a Virtual Adept. DeCarlo sheltered him in his Sanctum and allowed him to teach himself from computer libraries and work on personal projects rather than formal education. When Screech turned 16 DeCarlo sent Screech to MIT on a Scholarship. Screech did not do well. The situation at MIT was the same as it had been in Grade School. He had no discipline and no interest in doing work that was well below his level. A student who asked questions that they could not answer frequently intimidated the Instructors.
Separation from DeCarlo caused Screech to suffer from fits of Depression concerning his missing parents. It was during one such episode of depression that his "aunt" Janet (a former Cabal-mate of his parents) visited him and converted him to the Cult of Ecstasy.
            The Cult of Ecstasy was much more appropriate to Screech's avatar but he never completely abandoned the things he learned from the virtual adepts.

NAME: Alexander "Screech" Waldon
NATURE:  Visionary
ESSENCE:  Primordial
TRADITION:  Cult of Ecstasy

Physical Social Mental
Strength OOO Charisma OO Perception OOO
Dexterity OOO Appearance OO Intelligence
Stamina OOO Mental OOO Wits OOO


Talents Abilities Knowledges
Alertness OOOOO Do OOOOO Computer
Athletics OOOOO Drive OOO Cosmology OOOOO
Awareness OOOO Etiquette OOO Culture OOOOO
Brawl OOOOO Firearms OOOOO Enigmas
Dodge OOOOO Leadership OOOOO Investigation OOOOO
Expression OO Meditation OOOO Law OOOO
Instruction OOOO Melee OOOOO Linguestics  OOOOO
Intuition OOOOO Research OO Lore(Trad/Tech.) OOO
Intimidation  OOOOO Stealth OOOOO Medicine OOOOO
Streetwise OOOO Survival OOOO Occult OOOOO
Subterfuge  OOOOO Technology Science(Math)


Allies OOOOO Devices OOOOO Mentor OOOOO
Arcane OOOO Fractal Symphanies OOO Node OOOOO
Avatar OOOO 3 Dim S.S.F. OO Resources OOOOO
Chantry OOOOO Trinary Unit O Sanctum O
Contacts OOOOO Library OOOOO Tailsman OOOOO


Correspondance OOO Life OOOO Prime OOOO
Entropy OOOOO Mind OOO Spirit OOOOO
Forces OOO Matter OOO Time  OOOOO

Lightning Calculator -1
Prodigy - 2
Computer Aptitude -1
Fast Learner -3
Insane Past Life +5
Enemy +1
Notoriety +3
Driving Goal +3

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