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Infinity Chantry

Infinity Chantry

 Leia "Spirit's Song"

Alexander "Screech" Waldon 



Micheal Weber (picture of Avatar)
Amanda Towers
(Appearance 3: *Fame 2 if you are involved in the Corporate world PM for DD of Fame* The most noticeable characteristic is the fact that Amanda stands just over 4 and 1/2 feet tall. She is not malformed by any means just small. Her figure is perfect on a miniature scale. She has shoulder length medium brown hair with bright highlights fashionably cut but usually confined to a soft bun. Her eyes are green with flecks of brown and slightly upturned. Her features are small and give the impression of an elf or a fairy. She wears glasses usually on a chain around her neck. She appears to be in her mid 30's. Her appearance is always immaculately neat and kept as if her nail polish would not dare become chipped. No strand of hair would think to misplace its itself. Her shoes never have a scuffmark. Her aura exudes peaceful happiness and joy. Which coupled with her “Pollyanna sunshine” attitude tends to make her seem perhaps a bit younger and more naïve than is really the case{Animal Magnetism merit})
~~~~Amanda's Page not up yet~~~~
 K'an Lu    Amanda's Page


       Of course Astra would be wearing a white or beige dress and has extensive tattoing up her left arm. Her hair is a little bit more red but this is as close as I could find... 


(I havnt quite gotten to asking Nimble's player if I can use this picture I found as a photo of Nimble but it seemd so appropriate that I listed it untill he gets a chanse to say yeah or sincere apolagiese if he minds...)

Whisper "Euthanatos Representative"


Audrey Lacrosse
Glasswalker Orphon Custos

Baset Bubasti OoH Associate

Paige Cahill

Virtual Adept

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