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  Micheal Weber
          MIcheal's Avatar "Spider"

            Appearance 3, charisma 3...age apx 40...Michael is very tall 6'6 and of average build. His skin is slightly pale. He has dirty blond colored hair that is slightly curly. His eyes are a pale blue/gray with long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. He has a full sensual mouth that tends sometimes to pout. He is beautifully made up. His eyes are delicately lined and painted to amplify the gray color. His lips are lined and slightly rouged to inhance there natural pout. He is wearing a gray silk duster in the style of an old-fashioned frock coat but long. He is also wearing tight black suede pants and a white silk shirt with ruffled cuffs, open at the neck and showing part of his chest. He is wearing a silver chain with an ornate gothic looking cross and another chain with the symbol for Entropy on it. On his right hand is a tattoo of a spider-web in a perfect circle. He moves with self-confidence and purpose.

Name: Michael Weber
Nature: Caregiver
Essence: Pattern
Demeanor: BonVivant
Tradition: Hollow Ones
Affiliation: Jewel Cabal
Arete: 5
Willpower: 7

Strength - 3
Stamina - 3
Dexterity - 3
Charisma - 3
Appearance - 3
Manipulation - 3
Intelligence - 3
Perception - 4
Wits - 4
Alertness - 3
Athletics - 1
Awareness - 3
Brawl - 2
Dodge - 3
Expression - 3
Instruction - 2
Intuition - 3
Intimidation - 2
Streetwise - 4
Subterfuge - 4
Do - 0
Drive - 2
Etiquette - 3
Firearms - 2
Leadership - 4
Meditation - 1
Melee - 1
Research - 1
Stealth - 3
Survival - 1
Technology - 2
Computer - 2
Cosmology - 2
Culture - 3
Enigmas - 3
Investigation - 4
Law - 2
Linguistics - 2 (French, Spanish)
General Lore - 2
Medicine - 2
Occult - 3
Science - 1
Correspondence - 2
Entropy - 4
Forces - 1
Life - 3
Mind - 2
Matter - 1
Prime - 2
Spirit - 4
Time - 1
Allies - Amanda rank that
Avatar - 3 (Spider)
Destiny - 2
Influence - 1 or 2
Library - 2
Mentor - (assorted)
Resources - 4
 - 5 (medical Box) 
 - 1 (spy glass) 
 - 3 (Jewel Cabal Amulet)
             Michael was a teen-age run away. He is from Monroe Louisiana, which is in the northern part of the state. He came to New Orleans and lived on the street for a while as many do. He awoke during that time and eventually became the head of a gang of street kids. He is a natural caregiver and tried very hard to make sure they all got food and shelter.
            He drifted from job to job until he got a position as a Bartender in "Secrets" at about age 20. He met Amanda when a customer wrote a compliment card about Micheal's great Milkshakes. When Amanda went to find him and give him a little praise she found him asleep in the storeroom of "Secrets".
            She did not coddle him but she did give him respect and a chance to move forward. It turned out he was a great manager and he ascended through positions within the Jewel to the one he currently holds as resident manager. He and Amanda became friends during that time and she was instrumental in making sure he actually got training which he in turn passed on to the Hollow Ones many of whom had at one time been part of his gang.
            Today he continues daily rituals of caring for the street people. Too many deaths, brutalities and horrors seen on the streets have given him a rather cynical view of things. He in no way possesses Amanda's sunny optimism. He does however feel that to do nothing is to allow apathy to overtake and thus to let the darkness win. So he fights the growing decay and despair of a large urban jungle knowing he will never win but driving himself to try anyway.
        Michael can be quite cliquish and obviously favors other Hollow Ones over the Traditions but he feels that the Hollow Ones need the protection of at least an alliance with the Traditions if not full membership. There are other things in these dark times and togetherness is the only answer.
Michael covers his cynical side up with a heavy layer of dry wit and charm. He learned from Amanda how to make people listen to what he had to say and how to appeal to more than the Goth puck environment that he lives in. That was perhaps her greatest contribution to who he is now. She taught him manners and etiquette without trying to mold him into something else as others would have. ((Incidentally he is were a lot of her caring nature comes from))
            The tattoo on his hand is very sentimental to him as an old man who ran a tattoo parlor when Michael first came to New Orleans did it. The man took care of the local gang . After Michael awoke the man ((has no name)) became his mentor and explained the Hollow Ones to him. The mentor was one of the first to really be considered a Hollow One and he impressed upon Michael how many of his friends he watched die in vain. This obviously shaped Michael's views tremendously.
            The tattoo is of a spider and web inside a perfect circle. The circle representing a never ending cycle while the spider and its web represent the creation of beauty from the depths of darkness as well as the possible dangers of said alluring beauty. I.e. the web is beautiful and spun by the symbolic creature of darkness (meaning possible the Hollow One) the web serves as home and protection and a source of food (as does the Hollow One protect and provide for each other) but to be trapped in the web is death (meaning for others who tread in territory of the Hollow Ones to beware as well as to remind the Hollow Ones that it is folly to allow Hubris and complacency to trap them). The tattoo became a Tradition among the Hollow Ones they all take the circle and the web even some who are simply members of the gang but unawakened as well as the occasional Bone Gnawer When the Mage has achieved a certain point more reliant on deeds and conduct than magickal affinity the spider itself is added to the tattoo signifying a loose leadership but more a responsibility to those weaker and in need of assistance.

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