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      Chantry Membership Requirements
These are the requirments agreed upon by the majority of the members. They are meant as a guide to keep things more realistic to the WoD portrayed by White Wolf

1) No Master bellow the age of 25 will ever be accepted in the chantry

2) Child mage (mage bellow the ages of 16) will need 2 sponsored that will act as the child tutor and be responsible for the child’s behavior and teachings.

3) No more then 1 master will be allowed in EACH tradition each month.

4) People that do not know about Mage: The Ascension (this will become one of the OOC question for the membership) If you do not know the rules you will be asked to play an apprentice character to another Mage who does know the rules. This will help you learn to play the game correctly as well as adapt to the online environment.

5) Everyone will be scanned magickly to see if they are telling the truth in their membership application. Time magick will also be used on the background scan from now on. However those thing will NOT reveal dark secrets or such flaw.

6) All new member MUST be sponsored by at least one master of it tradition, however should master be unavailable two adept may sponsor a new member. In addition all new member MUST be approved by they're representative (in ADDITION to the previous requirement)

7) Custos shall be sponsored by two Mages, at least one of which will be from the Tradition or Craft which they will be aligning themselves to and Ravyn Kismet-Tahlber herself. NOTE: ALL Want-To-Be Custos -must- contact Ravyn Kismet-Tahlber at

8)NO more then 10 Custos will be allowed to join the chantry each month. of those ten there can be only 1 of each supernatural breed (one vamp, one Fae, one Wraith, one Garou, one Baset)

9) ALL new member will be on "probation" for one month, in this time they will receive all benefit of membership except: access to the nodes and access to the chantry library. In this period they are

Expected to behave properly and follow all of the chantry rules. They are also expected to find a cabal to join.

10) Members of cabal will be given priority in the new monthly distribution of Tass (the chantry will have about 40 point of tass to distribute amongst it member each month) the cabal will have to be performing a duty that is beneficial to the chantry to be allowed in this monthly distribution of Tass. If there is any Tass left chantry member's project will receive Tass. Those project will have to be submitted each month to receive Tass.

NOTE: In order to avoid the "shooting of the messanger" I will not change any of the policies listed without the aproval of two of the Representatives. Please settle any disagreements about said policies with them.

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