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   Links Used for this Web Site

Graphics, Animation's, Backgrounds,Color Codes, Lines and Balls, Buttons

This site is titled "Web Weekend III" It is a link to a page of colors and there RGB and Hex #s

This one isn't one of my favorites. It demands linkage for its copyrights but I am in doubt as to how legitimate its claim of copyright is. I have seen most of these graphics in other places. It does however have some easy to find basics (backgrounds) and a number of interesting lines and balls. There are a few animation's but not many worth paying attention to This is a direct Link to a really good page  on the Graphic Station site. It has a nice chart of RGB and Hex codes for colors. If you want to add one of these to the Alternative Color Portal just E Mail me with the code and a suggestion for the colors name.

A+B+C+ Graphics, I couldn't find a link button but they have some really good backgrounds. Many of the ones I have used on this site are from this link.

  This is definitely one of the best sites for lines and buttons, as well as unusual backgrounds. The CoX and CC pages came from here.

  This is also a good  site I have used.

"A-1 Clip Art"  This is a really good link to Graphics and Animation's of all kinds. It not only has a good selection of backgrounds and images but also has a nicely organized set of links to other sites.

Lots of small graphics. Not the high quality, detailed graphics I usually like but it has a really good online editing program. I used it to make the spiders that chase you on the Hollow One Page.

"Caboodles of Clip-art" Lots of good animation's and graphics.

"Animation Zone" Lots of good animation and links, is a searchable site.

I really like this one. There are some GREAT backgrounds here.

Also very good backgrounds.

as a Cat love I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Great Cat Graphics, as well as animation's, bars, buttons, and more.

"The Enchanted Forest" This has some beautiful artwork (graphics) for all you Changeling players especially.

  This site provided the OoH backgrounds and has some other very good ones. (backgrounds are in sets including buttons and lines)
This site provided the Hollow One background and a few misc. odds and ends. It is a very good site.

  This site has some beautiful sets and graphics... though the backgrounds are not so great alone. The "tubes" are a little weird to download but when I figure it out I will leave a coment here about how to use them.
  This site IS SOOOOO COOL!! It has some beautiful pieces of animated art using aplets. It is worth looking at just to see them ... even if you dont use any. It also has some good backgrounds and graphics.

This site is nothing but gold charms. There are many many choices and they are just lovely graphics.

Other Resources is a great source for DHTML codes to make your site unique and professional looking or just to add some fun. I am not good at HTML programing and I am able to use it so it is not a difficult site.

   This is the much asked for Link to Axis Internet. Axis Internet provides the Alternative Chat Room that replaced ToolZone

  This is the Link to Toolzone, there Chat rooms are not real good but they have some other features worth looking at.

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"There was a child went forth every day, And the first object he looked upon, that object he became,And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day, Or for many years or stretching cycles of years."
                                                                                                                                                     Walt Whitman
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